3 Top Tips for Creative Branding

Branding can help to get the best out of your event sponsorship deal

3 Top Tips for Creative Branding

Branding can make or break your marketing campaign. Good branding needs to express the message, values and overall feel of your company to prospective customers. This sometimes can be very difficult to achieve – it may often become a longer process than you first imagined. By the end you may find that what you have come up with is flat, lacking creativity or just does not feel right in some way.

So, how do you insert some positive creativity into your branding strategy?

Think Like an Eagle, Fly Like an Eagle

California Golden Eagle

People say to understand someone, you must first take on their frame of mind. If you want your branding to soar you need to take on the mindset of your customers. Knowing what they want from your brand means you can fine-tune it in order to create something that will both reflect your company and appeal to your customers.

You – understandably – have a vested interest in your company. But, in order for branding to be creative, you need to move away from the box you have built around yourself. It’s cliché, thinking outside the box, but even more important when you have built your own company. Don’t back yourself into a corner! Be open and willing to change depending on what you find is working (or not) for your branding.


Sometimes less is more. Creativity can come in bursts of utterly amazing ideas. But, combine them all together and you have something messy that barely makes any sense. In this situation, a more creative approach may be to strip away all of the unnecessary components of your branding.

It may break your heart, but letting go of the purples and yellow polka dot dragon mascot? The final step to creating a fantastic brand.


Business Quality Customer Survey Feedback

An outside perspective can be the extra touch of creativity that you are missing. Everyone is different, so branding that makes perfect sense and seems brilliant to you may be completely lost on someone else. Discovering this and the way they might change it, particularly feedback from customers and industry experts, can help discern whether you are sitting on the pinnacle of original creativity. Or if, in fact, you are just doing the same old, same old.

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