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Advertising against the Grain

If the main aim of your next marketing stunt is simply to get people to start paying attention to you, one of the best pieces of advice that we can give is simply to go against the grain; don’t just do something slightly different to your competitors, and don’t even evoke them by doing the complete opposite – instead, go unique and get noticed.

To give a better idea of what we’re talking about, we thought we’d share some of our favourite examples of advertisers who have done unexpected marketing, and done it right…

Pagoda – Don’t Buy This Jacket

Young girl choosing jacket at clothing store

How subversive can you get with a simple, print on paper advert? Well, Pagoda’s ‘Don’t Buy This Jacket’ campaign certainly seemed to push the limits, as they used their valuable advertising space to tell us… not to buy their products. And, so that we wouldn’t simply shrug this off as a crude attempt at reverse psychology, they also came up with some compelling reasons for why we shouldn’t buy their jackets, with a coherent message of “don’t buy things that you don’t need.”

This is fascinating because, of course, really Pagoda do still want us to pay for their products… so what’s their game? Well, with products that are built to last and an ethical reputation to maintain, the key is that they can achieve long term loyalty and exposure rather than short term sales, using this campaign to set a future stake in their desired audience.

Tinder’s Tour of the Sororities

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When tinder first started out they had fewer than 5000 members and were looking for a way to get more people on side. Instead of sending out ads they decided to send a representative, straight into the heart of their target market – the young men and women in sororities and fraternities across America. However, rather than simply turning up, Tinder carefully scheduled their talks so that after drumming up a lot of support at a sorority, they would then pay a visit to their partnered fraternity. Hey presto, as soon as the boys loaded up the app they found that their sorority sisters were already online.

The plan worked, and brought them around 10,000 users in just months – showing that sometimes a creative approach can reap incredible results.

When you’re heading to your next marketing event, make sure that you have something planned that will make you stand out from the crowd, and let our enthusiastic exhibition staff help you out! It doesn’t have to be as huge as the examples we’ve looked at, and even just having friendly professionals there to help you make a splash can make a big difference. To find out more get in touch with us today, online, at 02380 015 000 or over our Facebook and Twitter pages.