Are You Bright, Bubbly and Love Interaction? Why You Should Be a Brand Ambassador

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Are You Bright, Bubbly and Love Interaction? Why You Should Be a Brand Ambassador

At Breeze People we are often looking for new, bright talent to add to our extensive database of promotional staff. We welcome online applications to become part of our pool of staff and we hold regular casting days across the country which enables us to meet potential brand ambassadors to see if they have what it takes.

Being a brand ambassador is a great idea for those who are looking for casual, one-off or part time work. When you register with us you will be able to state your availability across a period of months and our portal will let you update this in case your circumstances change. We will contact you with upcoming projects and you can register your interest in working. This means that you can work as and when you need, so if you are a student, you can work around term time or if you are a professional actor, model or freelance artist you can find work with us in between jobs.

Being a brand ambassador is exciting because there are a huge variety of projects and events you can potentially get involved with. If we cast you to be a member of our team you could find yourself working at exhibitions, music festivals, PR stunts, sports events, trade shows, conferences and store launches just to name a few event types. If you’re lucky you could even be cast to work on a promotional road show which could take you to Europe and beyond. Being a brand ambassador is great experience and can really help you develop your interpersonal skills and confidence. If you’re looking to pursue a career in marketing, PR or sales then this will count as great experience as you get to represent highly respected brands.

We select staff at regular regional staffing days but we are very selective and only one in five people who apply are accepted into our team. We look for people with passion, energy, confidence and clear communication skills. We also look for people who are reliable, as we expect commitment to the projects, and versatile, as you may be asked to carry out a variety of promotional activities. Having previous sales or promotional experience helps but it isn’t necessary.

If you are interested in working at a variety of promotional events and representing market leading brands then head to our staff lounge to begin your journey with Breeze People. Signing up is simple – just click “Register Now” and then “New to Breeze People” and fill in the registration form. Make sure you provide plenty of pictures and information about your personality, interests and skills. The more we know about you the more likely we can assign you to a project you will love. If you have any interesting skills then don’t forget to talk about these as they may come in useful for projects with specific briefs.

When it comes to our staff, Breeze People are concerned about quality over quantity, so instead of boasting over the number of brand ambassadors we have, we are proud of our select team of talented, engaging and pro active staff members. If you do become part of our team we will make sure you are well looked after with appropriate training, incentives for hard work and enjoyable projects to work on.