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Are you getting the most from your staffing agency?

So it's that time of year again when a lot of companies are competing for lucrative contracts, with the pitching process more competitive than ever!  In tough economic times, brands and clients alike are feeling the pressure for success in each live campaign. From a small one day promotion to a large scale Experiential road show, even the best concept or implementation can fall apart due to poor staff! Which begs the question, are you getting the most from your staffing agency? We have listed some things to consider when reviewing your staffing partner below.

Is bigger really better? You'll no doubt hear many agencies harp on about the thousands of staff on their books, but in reality how active is that database? Is it a true reflection of the resources they have? Or in reality, is it a database clogged up with thousands of staff who have never even worked for the agency! We cap our books, and are proud to boast a live, active database throughout the UK.  So air on the side of caution if your agency is using the numbers game as a selling point. On average only 1 in 6 staff who apply to join our books are successful, so it's easy to see how a slack recruitment process could inflate numbers and reduce the calibre of staff.  So in answer to our questions, bigger does not always mean better when it comes to the numbers of staff an agency boasts!

Are they profiling staff? Profiling staff is the least you'd expect from a staffing agency right? However, we have heard many stories of staff who have been picked on a first come first serve basis. With no thought given to their experience, skill set or match to the brand. It's a case of some 'phone bashing' and whoever picks up first gets booked! At the very least clients should be able to see a staff profile! We put together profiles for all of our clients detailing relevant experience, qualifications and the personality of our staff member. Along with a clear up to date photo. Some of our clients now trust us to book all staff without forwarding profiles, as we have a clear understanding of their brand. Profiling staff is an important ingredient for any reputable agency. So make sure you're not paying through the nose for a bit of 'phone bashing' and staff way off brand!

Can last minute bookings be filled?  We know the score, it's 5.30pm on a Friday and you're just about to put your feet up when the client calls to request staff the next day! In a blind panic you call your agency asking them to help, but how often do they actually fill last minute shifts? This is where having a good relationship with your staff, and knowing who's available helps! We regularly ask staff for last minute availability, and using our sophisticated database can run a quick search on the specific area in seconds! Of course more time is always preferred, but with the nature of this industry last minute bookings are very common. So make sure your agency has the capability to cope, and can deal with the pressure. If they can't? Then give it to someone who can!

Are you paying for lazy staffing? As our name would suggest we aim to staff jobs in a Breeze! However one thing that really gets our goat is lazy staffing. By this, in particular we are referring to social media! Of course social media is a great tool to use, as it helps us to communicate with our staff 24/7. We have a Facebook page, where we may post last minute jobs or share recent campaigns etc. This is a closed page, and only registered staff can apply through it. However there are a large number of agencies using open Facebook groups to post, and ultimately staff jobs with just about any Tom,Dick or Harry working! It's this lazy staffing that bring industry standards down, and ultimately can ruin a campaign. This goes back to our previous point on profiling all staff, so that you can see that they're up to the job. If you've had poor feedback from your client regarding staff, then it's time to start asking questions! How long has that staff member worked for the agency? Do they have the right experience? Why aren't they in sync with the brand? If the answers don't add up, then maybe it's time for a change? An agency is only as good as it's staff, so make sure you're not paying for lazy staffing!