Brand ambassadors: the secret ingredient behind successful game launches

Brand ambassadors: the secret ingredient behind successful game launches

It goes without saying that the gaming industry is huge, and it is consistently going from strength to strength in the UK and indeed globally. Named in recent years as the largest entertainment market of all, the gaming market surpasses DVD’s and other forms of entertainment by some margin and is a multibillion pound industry in the UK alone. This consistent growth has been the result of constant development from game manufacturers and console makers to constantly push the envelope of what is achievable on a digital platform.

With such huge profits available to those that do well it is no wonder that so many new games are fighting for market positioning. Gaming exhibitions and shows are a huge industry and provide an exciting and potentially profitable experience for those committed gamers that want a first glimpse at the latest game releases. With such a huge range of things on offer at these events it can be incredibly hard to attract attention and get people interested in your latest gaming release.

One sure fire way to get people’s attention is to add an element of theatricality and drama to the event; make your stall or stand the most exciting thing there and the crowds are sure to flock to see what you have on offer. A great way in which companies grab attention is to bring the characters from their game to life and really break down the fourth wall. This gets gamers attention and makes them feel as though they are actually involved in the game in a new and exciting way allowing them to interact with the characters that they spend time playing digitally.

dark souls launch

Here at Breeze People we are experienced at providing promotional staff for these events and are experts at finding the right people to play the roles of characters that previously only existed as pixels on a screen. One example of our work was the recent Dark Souls II launch in which we were charged with finding a member of our staff that fit the exact dimensions of the lead character in the game. Fortunately our database of promo staff quickly turned out a 6’2” male with the exact required measurements for the part. During the entirety of the day he remained in character and became a real ambassador for the game and indeed the brand whilst interacting with gamers and fans.

If you are looking for a way to ensure that your game launch is as successful as possible then our staff could be the exact thing that your business needs. We pride ourselves on having a database that is flexible enough to cater to all needs no matter how specific or bizarre. If you need to find that perfect member of staff that totally personifies the central character in your latest game then don’t hesitate to contact us and we will start the search for you.