Can a Small Smile Make a Big Impact?

Can a Small Smile Make a Big Impact?

Smiling is something that most people do every day, it is how we gauge the friendliness of other people and whether or not a situation is positive or not. It can have a huge effect on those around us and it has even been suggested that practicing smiling can help you in social and work situations.

It may seem like people are obsessed with smiling; parents often ask, “Why don’t you smile more? Go learn how!” One of the most famous paintings in the world is arguably so because of the mysterious nature of her smile – would the Mona Lisa be as well known without her enigmatic grin? But the truth is that smiling can be a positive tool that will shape how people view both you and your company.

The Science of Smiling

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Smiling produces endorphins in the body; endorphins make you happy and start a positive feedback loop in your your brain. This is a result of the muscles that you use when you smile firing signals to your brain, which then stimulates the reward system, causing you to smile more.

If you find yourself in a room full of smiling people it will have the same effect, most people can’t help but smile back due to the release of endorphins! It’s official; smiling is definitely contagious. Seeing someone smile stimulates the mirror neurons to suppress our facial muscle control, triggering a smile whether you want to or not.

Can You Fake It?

Can you fake it till you make it? The short answer is yes. You can fake a smile until a real one takes control of your face, but be wary! People can tell if you are faking a smile if it is too prolonged. This is because when someone is smiling at you there is an automatic imitation of their smile; if it is a fake smile then they imitate it and can tell that it is not in fact genuine. So, the best policy to follow is to practice with a fake smile but conduct yourself with a real smile.

The Affect on Your Business

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Smiling is a key way to build relationships faster and with more warmth. In business this means that relationships can often hinge on a smile; would you want to work with the stone faced individual or the warm smiling one? It can also make a better first impression on someone; it suggests confidence and an extroverted personality.

One of the first things that people in a sales orientated business learn is to smile. It is a simple fact; people are more trusting and feel more positive towards someone with a smile. So, employees should be encouraged to smile no matter what their job title. Not only will it improve the impression visitors have of the business, it will also produce a more positive and friendly work environment overall.

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