Casting the Perfect Promotional Staff

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Casting the Perfect Promotional Staff

Organising and booking a promotional event with the correct amount of staff isn’t enough to ensure that the event is successful. Here at Breeze People, we recognise that you need promotional staff who aren’t just present and correct, but who also fit flawlessly with your brand, and look like they’re part of the furniture when it comes to your company. Through our network of talent and comprehensive database of promotional staff, we can find brand ambassadors for you that will look the part and carry out the job with passion.

Every business has a specific brand image that defines them from the crowd. A brand should connote certain traits and present a specific lifestyle. Pringles, for example, has a lively, fun and family-friendly brand image. She Who Dares, who we worked with recently at the Spring Fair, used neutral colours, coupled with promotional models, to create an air of elegance and sophistication. When it comes to selecting promo staff for an event, it is imperative to choose people who are accurate representatives of your brand, and who fit seamlessly with the image you’re trying to create.

Whenever a company is seeking staff for a promotional event, they approach us with a brief that details the type of event and what they are looking for in our staff. Sometimes projects have one specific aim, such as the Robbie Williams ‘Take the Crown Tour’ where ambassadors were aiming to sell live recordings. Other events are so detailed that they required specific skills and appearance profiling such as The Sega Alien Colonial Marines release last year. For the Robbie Williams concert live promotion, we sourced pro-active staff who were fluent in English and who had sales experience throughout Europe. For the Sega release, we had to cast a number of professional actors who could stay in character and lead the press through an immersive theatre experience.

Breeze People carefully select the right promotional staff to fit your brief through two methods: we use industry contacts to track down the ideal talent, or we profile suitable promotional staff though our comprehensive database. Last March, we promoted the Disney film “Oz the Great and Powerful” in UK cinemas by providing professional magicians to perform in cinema foyers. Because magic is such a specific skill, we used our contacts to secure 8 of the most elite magicians in Britain, all of whom were part of the elite Magic Circle.

For less specific briefs, we can easily source suitable staff through our database, and we can specify certain criteria if required. We were asked by Southampton Football Club to find 35 promo girls for each home match. They had to have experience of sales and promotion and through our database we found local representatives who had a good attitude and the relevant skills. Thanks to our Promo girls Southampton achieved record sales of programmes in the 2012/13 season.

It is really important to provide promotional staff who are not only enthusiastic, but who also fit with the brand image that you wish to portray to potential customers. Breeze People are experts at sourcing staff who are on-brand, great at communicating and also enthusiastic about the company or product being promoted.