Choosing a Glitzy Winter Theme for Your Event

Choosing a Glitzy Winter Theme for Your Event

If you’re having a big business event this winter, whether it’s corporate or commercial, you need a great theme to go along with it! The perfect theme gets your guests excited, ensures that there’s overall cohesion and just helps everybody have a good time. Of course, the trouble is picking something that’s exciting enough to represent your brand the way it deserves to be represented…, we’re here to help you pick!

The Great Gatsby

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It’s an oldie but a goodie, and nobody doesn’t love the opportunity to go looking for 1920s finery. The great thing about the ‘Gatsby’, or 20s, theme is that it gives people a chance to bring out the sparkling jewels and glittering accessories, making for a very festive atmosphere even though it’s not explicitly Christmas themed.

You can add to the atmosphere with a playlist of classic jazz tracks and plenty of cocktails – even if you decide to make them alcohol-free.

Masquerade Ball

Like the Gatsby theme, a masquerade ball may not be explicitly wintery, but that doesn’t mean that winter isn’t the ideal season for all those beautiful masks and dress clothes – especially if you decide to restrict people to wearing striking monochromatic colours. Black suits, white gowns and glimmering masks; the ambiance in the room will be absolutely incredible.

Ice Palace

If you want to make more of a fuss about the frosty weather, an ice palace is sophisticated and just unusual enough to make your event stand out. Decide to go all out by making use of an ice sculpture, or keep things a little more subtle with fairytale themed décor; the ‘fairytale’ connection can also extend to the dress code, although a simple request for smart dress would be equally appropriate.

Winter Warmer

Christmas cheers

Not so keen on these cold nights? A winter warmer is a great chance to lift people’s spirits, and is both one of the easiest themes and one of the most effective. Think candlelit tables, warming drinks such as mulled wine or spiced apple and low lighting if you want to get the best effect. This is also a great choice if you want to keep the dress code more casual.

The best part is that with any theme you choose, promotional staff supplied by us here at Breeze People can help you out; you can contact us online, call 02380 015 000 or find us on Facebook and Twitter  to get the ball rolling.