Creating an Effective Landing Webpage

Creating an Effective Landing Webpage

At Breeze People, our promotional staff serve as the facial representative of your company, as well as offering a physical port of call when it comes to promoting you and your company. However, with businesses increasingly offering an online experience for their customer, be it e-commerce or simply providing information with regards to their company, websites are big business, becoming ever more essential when it comes to presenting yourself as a viable business.

A poorly maintained website says a lot about your company. There are numerous titbits of information you need to take into consideration and apply to your website in order to provide your customer with the online experience that you would like associated with your company and brand.

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You’re offering an awesome product and / or experience that no other company is, so tell your website that! You need a website that offers a lasting impact and immediate impression, so through carefully selecting everything from your colour scheme down to your font is essential. You also may want it to be something which mirrors your already existent branding, so don’t confuse the customer by offering something that holds none of your core image.

Relevant Information

This may seem obvious, but make the information on your website relevant – you’d be surprised how many people waffle or use unnecessary padding. Doing the latter can put customers off your site and create negative connotations with your product. You can make any text on your site easier to navigate through carefully selected headings and subheadings, and allow the core elements of your business to stand out.

Make a Good Impression!

If you are a dodgy looking website with a poorly kept facade, then you are going to look rather untrustworthy! Would you part with your money? If you subscribe to various web security schemes and have the certification to prove it, don’t be shy in boasting that. Simple things like using correct grammar and spelling can also prove reflective of your professionalism, so make sure that these are all on form.

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Essentially, you want a website that mirrors your business; well ran, professional and somewhere you would like to think your customers would want to revisit. Any skimping or inattention can have a lasting impression on a customer and can make them have little to no intention of ever gracing your company with their business ever again.

So, you’ve got the website and the super-business structure, now you need to greet your public… That’s where our fantastic promotional staff can help you out! We can provide your business with a welcoming and friendly face at anything from offering samples in the street to giving your company a physical persona at exhibitions, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you would like to discuss our services then you can contact us on 02380 015 000, where our team will be eagerly awaiting your call.