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Delivering a Consistent Experience

With any marketing or promotional campaign, consistency is important; you need to make sure that your brand is always represented in the right way. Whilst you put a lot of care into the preparation of your promotional material, making sure that any banners, leaflets and signs you’re using will be right at every stop, here at Breeze People we offer the same level of care in getting you the right promo staff.

For a roadshow with multiple stops, one of the easiest ways to get consistency in your brand representation at every step of the way is simply to have the same staff travelling with the show. From our database, we’ll find high-quality brand ambassadors who are right for your brand and available to travel for the duration of your campaign; this way you can be assured that your target audience at each location receive the same message. One of the key aspects that makes this a great value choice is the fact that only one group of staff needs to be trained on your brand information and product knowledge, saving preparation time and ensuring a consistent representation. By using the same staff throughout the campaign, you’ll also be able to better react to what works and what doesn’t, as the lessons of each leg can be used to improve the experience for the next.

One great example of this approach was the Pringles roadshow, where we sourced a group of fun, energetic and confident Brand Ambassadors to travel in a branded VW camper van between a number of European stops, encouraging customers to take part in fun activities and distributing product samples. With 100% attendance from the travelling staff, we were able to provide the Pringles brand with a consistent level of energy and enthusiasm to promote their product throughout the duration of the campaign.

For the staff themselves, this kind of roadshow is an excellent opportunity which gives them valuable experience which looks great on their resume, as well as the chance to travel and work for fantastic brands.

Some customers do prefer to use a local team at each location to save on travel costs; for these clients, we use our state of the art national database to source premium staff for every stop, making sure that every member of the promo team meets the same exacting requirements and receives the same training to keep the marketing experience consistent.

Whether you’re looking for promo staff to travel with a roadshow or for a one-off event, our comprehensive database allows us to find the best match for you; simply contact us for more information.