Event Marketing: What It Is and Why It Counts (Part One)

Event Marketing: What It Is and Why It Counts (Part One)

Event marketing. You’ve probably heard the term before, but what exactly is it – besides, y’know, a marketing event? In this series we’ll look at the many aspects of event marketing, how to make it work, and the benefits of doing it. In this blog we’ll start with focus…


A lot of marketing takes a scattergun approach: Fire off two thousand flyers or billboard advertisements; bombard social media with hashtagged declarations; or, if you’re a bigger brand, shoot off TV commercials at key times. Hopefully, after all that time and money is spent, enough people will a) see it and b) be interested enough to buy your product. Fingers crossed!

Promo Staff

Event marketing takes pretty much the absolute antithetical approach. It’s not impersonal; it’s personal. It’s not mass-produced; it’s finely targeted. It’s designed to zero in on a particular set of individuals gathered at a certain place.


So that mariachi band marching down the high street while handing out flyers for that Mexican restaurant down the road – that’s event marketing. Or, say, our Dark Souls II promo, in which we sent one of our event staff to the Eurogamer Expo – that’s event marketing. We knew precisely who we wanted to appeal to – in this case, gamers – and where to find them.

Dark Souls

In the case of our Dark Souls II campaign we also knew that we couldn’t just stand there with a huge sign that said ‘Check out this game’; we had to appeal to those we were targeting. So we did what any great promo company would do – dressed up our guy as a character from the game. Immediately that created a relationship between the brand and the customer. This wasn’t an off-putting hard-sell – gamers are a cynical bunch, for a start, so that wouldn’t achieve anything – but an attempt to raise awareness in a fun, eye-catching way. Understanding who the audience you’re targeting are, and what they want, makes event marketing so much easier.


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