From Launches to Conventions: Why Promotional Staff are Best for Any Business

Promotional Staff bringing Event to the Public

From Launches to Conventions: Why Promotional Staff are Best for Any Business

Ever wondered if using promo staff is right for your industry or event? Whether you’re looking to promote a new fragrance, build some excitement at a live event or lend some atmosphere to a convention, promotional staff are a fantastic way to create an impression that visitors won’t soon forget.

Industry leaders in many different markets utilise promotional staffing as an additional way to provide marketing, interest potential customers and develop a positive brand message. For some businesses, it can be difficult to hand over the face-to-face marketing to an outside agency, but there are so many advantages to taking that step!

From mobile phones to makeup, the requirements of promotional staff is the same; to offer enthusiastic, professional support to increase interest, get your brand message out there and to act as an extension of your company values, aims and interests – which are the same no matter what business you’re in. Here are just a few ways that bringing promo staff into your event can hugely benefit your business, across any industry:

Bring Your Brand to the Public

The biggest advantage of utilising promotional staff at your business events or brand launches is that their job is to get your message out there. Whether you’re talking about the latest product, advertising a new service or just staffing a convention, promotional staff have your brand in mind at all times. When it comes to building a brand, you don’t need industry experts who know every detail about the product you’re selling; you need staff that can promote your aims and business values in a public forum.

Experienced at Events

It can be tempting to utilise in-house staffing when it comes to events, but for many companies, this can prove to lead to lower success and fewer sales, especially if your staff is inexperienced when it comes to face-to-face marketing. By hiring staff whose primary role is on the ‘front line’ of marketing, you know you’ll be getting the best possible results and making the right impression.

From video game conventions through to football clubs, promotional staff have experienced what any scenario can throw at them – allowing them to be proactive, rather than reactive, in any situation. This experience makes the preparation and running of any event easier, more efficient and more flexible to the requirements of your visitors or customers.

Professional and Personable

It’s not just about making that sale; it’s about making a lasting impression of your brand and what you can offer to the general public. In any business, it can be tempting to roll out the same faces or staff members for each event; and if these aren’t dedicated a events team, or inexperienced in working in promotional situations, this could result in an overall worse impression. Let promotional staff take care of your brand for you, because it’s what they do best. Professional, personable and enthusiastic, promo staff offer the public the best side of your business.

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