Get your Promotional Stand in Gear at Britain’s Best Motor Events

Get your Promotional Stand in Gear at Britain’s Best Motor Events

Britain has always had a history and a genuine passion for cars. From the invention and development of the steam train, by British inventors Richard Trevithick and George Stevenson, to the advent of the world’s first motor show in 1903 at Crystal Palace, Britain has a fascination with cars. We Brits are proud to manufacture quintessentially British cars such as the prestigious Bentley, Rolls-Royce and the currently flourishing Jaguar-Land Rover Corporation vehicles. It’s therefore no wonder that Britain also has a huge selection of motor shows, racing events and automobile expos.

For car manufacturers, it is really important to be present at motor expos in order to promote the brand, show off the newest models and perhaps even perform some stunts to boost the company’s image and reputation. Auto shows can be used to publicise the brand, introduce new models, and sometimes demonstrations are held to show off the capabilities of new cars. Motor shows are equally important to those selling car parts, accessories, and insurance and maintenance services, as it is possible to hire a stall at the side of the main displays. Some of the biggest upcoming motor events in Britain are as follows:

Luxury Motor Show, Sunday 18th May 2014, Goosedale, Nottingham
Set in 100 acres of stunning countryside on the Goosedale estate, this event combines the prime of luxury car brands with a beautiful setting to create the ultimate motor experience. As well as admiring the latest models from premier car brands, there are fun activities such as posing for a picture with the Stig, sitting in a real Jordan Formula 1 car, and you can also pay for a hair-raising ride round the countryside in a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster or a McLaren MP4-12C Spider.

MotorExpo, Mon 9th June – Sunday 15th June 2014, Canary Wharf London
For a whole week in June, the capital’s premier business district will be transformed into an exhilarating display of all the biggest names in the motor world. In a sense, this outdoor event was established to replace the world famous British International Motor Show, which came to a sad end in 2008 due to the economic difficulties. This show is free to attend and will include interactive displays from leading manufacturers such as Land Rover, Mercedes, Volvo and more.

The Moving Motor Show, Thursday 26th June 2014, Goodwood, West Sussex
The Moving Motor Show is set in the tranquil country estate of Goodwood; with its sweeping hills and vast views. The Moving Motor Show kick-starts the Festival of Speed racing event, and gives motor enthusiasts and buyers the chance to not only view impressive models, but also test-drive them on the dedicated vehicle evaluation route in the grounds. All sectors of the car market are represented; from economy hatchbacks to SUVs to supercars.

If you own a car manufacturing business, or you own a smaller car-related business that supplies repairs, insurance, products or parts, then get yourself booked into some of these impressive car shows. Breeze People can help you get your stand noticed by providing promotional staff; in particular promotional girls to draw attention to your display. The typical attendees of motor shows are typically businessmen or car enthusiasts with money to spare on upmarket cars. In order to make your display stand out from the crowd, hire attractive and engaging Grid Girls to entice customers. Traditionally, Grid Girls are used at racing events to hold umbrellas over the racing drivers and crew; however, the use of promotional models has been extended to selling the products or services of the sponsors and other attending companies.

At Breeze People, we have a comprehensive database of promotional staff which we use to carefully select based on a brief. We can also offer interviews or auditions to the promotional staff to make sure they look the part, and have the personality to represent the brand. We work hard to match your requirements, and we can filter through our database to find staff based on height, hair colour, dress size and experience. No matter what you’re looking for to represent your company, we can find the most appropriate promotional staff.