How Body Language Can Lead to Success

How Body Language Can Lead to Success

While most of us know that in a business setting it is crucial to be aware of the message we want to convey verbally, how many of us consider what we are telling our audience without saying a word?

Your body language is critical to the way others perceive you and can really make the difference between success and failure.

Does it Really Matter?

In a word, yes. How often have you met a successful sales person who slouches, avoids your eyes, mutters and fidgets? The answer is probably never. In sales, the importance of good body language is deeply ingrained and understood. A good salesman always appears confident, welcoming and friendly – and a lot of that is apparent in the way they physically present themselves. Buyers would not respond to them otherwise.

How to Use Body Language to be Successful

Awareness that body language is important is a good start. The next stage is to understand what good body language looks like. Positive body language indicates to other people that you are trustworthy and interested in them and their thoughts and opinions. As a simple prompt, think ‘open’ in your posture and gestures. Stand tall and upright with your arms relaxed. During exchanges, turn your body towards people. Smile and nod in exchanges to show you can relate to them. Make eye contact, but be wary of maintaining it with one person for long periods; they could start to feel intimidated or uncomfortable after a while.

What to Avoid

However tired, uninterested or anxious you are, make a conscious effort not to portray this physically. Unwelcoming body language is the opposite of positive body language. If you are folding your arms across yourself, looking away or down, turning away, leaning back and/or slouching in a chair, you are signaling that you are not receptive to others you are dealing with at that time and shut people out.

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