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How Not To Brand Your Company

Our exhibition staff are the perfect addition to your company for getting your business noticed... for all the right reasons. Conversely, recent news to hit the headlines surrounded the Tokyo 2020 Olympics’ logo which has been accused of plagiarism by Belgian artist, Olivier Debie. His logo from 2003 was for the Theatre de Liege and does seem to bare resemblance, however the jury is out on whether it was actually plagiarised... or rather, the jury isn’t out, due to the Tokyo logo being dropped under threat of court action. Making such mistakes is a big business branding no-no, but how can branding errors be avoided?

Picking the Logo

Well, we should probably start with the logo, shouldn’t we? Focusing too much on getting a spot-on logo can be an error as it is clearly the way your business is ran that make customers return time-after-time. However, don’t underestimate the power of the logo; on numerous occasions it can be your first impression to potential customers, so make sure it at least represents your company.

Ignoring Focus Groups

By bringing in a range of your target audience and staff members, you can pool ideas and criticisms and react to them accordingly. Not listening to what they have to say is the worst mistake you can begin to make as assuming you know best can be incorrect; even with your own company. It’s a service for your customers and job for your staff, so they’re going to have some extremely valuable input.

Ignoring Your Strengths

It’s not always possible to please everybody all the time, so play to your strengths. If you build you brand around what you are good at then, as long as it’s a service people desire, it’s difficult to fail.

Being Inconsistent

To make a brand stick you are going to have to stick to it. To use it inconsistently throughout your company – i.e. some people having a logo on the foot of emails and others not – not only looks unprofessional, but doesn’t give your branding opportunity to stick. If you’ve got a decent branding plan, commit to it!

The worst thing you can do when it comes to rolling out or implementing branding, is to have a poor plan in place. If you and your staff know what is expected of them and have faith and belief in your branding, then you should be drowning in positive feedback.

If you brand it, they will come!

A great way to perpetuate your company ethos and branding is through extra-curricular marketing in the form of hiring approachable staff to spread your word on the streets and exhibitions. They provide a fantastic outlet for reaching a greater number of potential customers as well as giving your now-awesomely-branded company a face.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of hiring promotional staff for your company, or even to chat about other services we have available at Breeze People, don’t hesitate to contact us on 02380 015 000 where one of our friendly team will be awaiting your call.