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How To Be Confident

When we look for exhibition staff, we look for people with the right qualities for the job – and confidence is high on the list. When you’re representing a client at a trade show or similar event, you need to be able to adapt to changing situations, keep your cool and deliver information on their products and services in a poised, assured manner. Confidence comes naturally to some people, but it can be developed or improved surprisingly easily.

Body Language

One of the quickest ways of improving confidence is to pay attention to your body language. Do you habitually stand or sit with your arms crossed in front of your body? This can make you look closed off and defensive. Opening up your body language by holding your arms at your sides or even putting your hands on your hips will make you seem far more confident. Look at the way celebrities pose on the red carpet for inspiration! Slouching is perhaps the most common bad habit when it comes to posture – stand tall, put your shoulders back and lift your chin, and you may be surprised how much more confident you feel.

Confident Habits

There are certain things that you can do – or avoid doing – that speak of confidence. By adopting confident habits, you not only come across as more confident but also, as they become second nature to you, actually become more confident too.

  • Don’t make excuses – take responsibility for your actions.
  • Step outside your comfort zone - challenge yourself
  • Don’t judge people, and don’t worry about being judged

Speak Clearly

Confident people don’t mumble; they’re sure about what they’re saying and they say it clearly. Take the time to think about what you want to convey, and try not to scatter your sentences with “ums” and “ers”. You should also pay attention to how fast you’re speaking. A slightly slower pace of speech can demonstrate that you have confidence in what you’re saying – that it’s worth taking the time to say, and worthwhile taking the time to listen to. Don’t go too slowly, though, or it may be harder to keep your audience’s attention.

If you think that you have the confidence and enthusiasm we’re looking for, you can apply to work with us promoting leading brands throughout the country. For more information, contact us on 02380 015 000 today.