How to Brand Promotional Staff

Adult King Penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) standing amongst a large group of nearly fully grown chicks at Volunteer Point in the Falkland Islands.

How to Brand Promotional Staff

At an event, it is important to ensure that your brand is front and centre. This may be through any promotional products, the way you speak to your guests or through promotional staff. Remember, promotional staff are your brand ambassadors and you need them to embody your brand.

But, how can you convey your brand well using promotional staff?

Sum It Up

Summing up your business can be hard. Years of hard work, sweat and toil have gone into the creation of your amazing enterprise. To limit all of that achievement to only a few words seems impossible. Yet, ideally, you should be able to describe your brand in one sentence.

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Wait! It isn’t madness, we swear! Every business in the world can be summed up in one sentence, the hardest part is trying to discover what that sentence is. However, a few simple steps can make this easy as pie:

  1. Don’t try and create the sentence immediately. Just don’t.
  2. Research and think – no thought is too wild in your initial sentence search.
  3. Write multiple sentences. Give yourself plenty of options!
  4. Shortlist them – easier said than done, but second opinions help here.
  5. Finally… Trust your instincts. You know your brand better than anyone!

So, although you can expect a little difficult, that sentence is not an impossible dream. Or, if a line just doesn’t cut it then you could consider a second. Better to have two great sentences that sum your business up perfectly, than only one that falls short of the mark.

Tone of Voice

Your company has a voice, one that the world hears whenever you send out a newsletter, post on Facebook or even send a one-word Tweet. So, your promotional staff should be able to speak in this voice also. Creating a tone of voice document is one of the best ways to teach this to your staff.

The first step is gathering a sample of blogs, posts or other material that represents your overall brand tone. A small sample is perfect for this as it gives your staff a quick glance into your tone. Alongside this, you could also choose three words to represent your brand. This could be anything from quirky to regal, but it can help them get a snapshot into what your brand is!

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Finally, create a document that clearly lays out your brand ideals, goals, and attitude. This should be a tell-all piece, leaving nothing unclear for your staff. Luckily, this may already exist as part of your comprehensive content marketing scheme. If that is the case, it is transferrable for this purpose.


Are you an authoritative voice in your industry? Or do you have a quirkier vibe that enjoys a joke or two? Like people, companies can have unique and diverse personalities. But, how do you define a personality for something as changeable as a company?

This is probably the most abstract part of defining your brand for promotional staff. It may take years for your personality to develop, or it might be a combination of things such as the colour of your brand coming to life in your content. The right tone of voice should help to define this personality for your staff properly, as a lot of a brand’s personality is interconnected with how you present yourself in your content.

Remember, a good brand personality can help you stand out from the crowd…

Adult King Penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) standing amongst a large group of nearly fully grown chicks at Volunteer Point in the Falkland Islands.

Still struggling? Well, ask yourself which fictional character your company would be. James Bond; the epitome of suave, a get-things-done expert? Or more Hermione Granger; innovative, strong and possibly the brightest witch of your age? Obviously, it depends on your company. But, nothing gets staff in the mood like trying to embody their favourite movie characters!

Teach Your Staff!

If your staff turn up on the day and you expect them to instantly know your brand, then you may be in for some disappointment. Take the time and let them know what your brand is. Promotional staff are there to put on the best face for your business, so put them in a position to do so!

Get in touch with us online or call 02380 015 000 and we’ll be delighted to assist with marketing your business with high-quality promotional staff. We ensure they are the best people to represent your brand!