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How to Choose the Right Promotional Staff Agency for You

So you’re looking to let the world know about your awesome new product, huh? Or maybe you’re rebranding yourself, and kicking it all off with an offline, real-world marketing event? Whatever reason you’re seeking a promotional agency, you need to feel confident that your chosen agency can deliver on all those dreams.

Choosing the right promo agency depends on a lot of factors, most notably budget – as a business, this should always be your first line of enquiry. Ensuring that the agency you choose is within your budget means you can set realistic goals for your event. You wouldn’t expect to cover Oxford Street with people wearing your company colours, feeding folks tasters of your newest fruit-based cocktail on a budget of £250. But a great promo company can assess the absolute maximum possible on your budget, and deliver accordingly.

But what else?

Experience should feature on your list. You wouldn’t trust your company in the hands of a two-year-old, and you wouldn’t leave that kid to successfully plan your promotional event either. Well, you could, but you wouldn’t expect much to come of it. Better to pass it over to a group of people who have a solid track-record in delivering promotional campaigns that draw attention and boost your profile.


Box-ticked, you can now move on to what is possibly the most important issue: Will the promotional agency understand your brand? If they can’t ‘become you’ on the streets, then they’re not doing their job. Your brand is the single defining facet that allows you to stand out in a crowded and competitive market. It’s who you are, what you stand for, what you believe and, ultimately, how your brand makes other people feel. If a promotional agency can’t effortlessly reproduce your company’s vibe on the streets, then they’re not the ones for you.

Finally, you need to consider the staff your chosen agency will be supplying for your event. These are the people who will act as the face of your brand (and embodying all those values we discussed above). The last thing you’re going to want is to have dowdy, dreary, drab guys and girls greeting existing and potential customers – because that’s how customers will start thinking of you, as dowdy, dreary and drab; worse, they might put people off your company altogether, no matter how great your overall event may be (and it’s unlikely to be as great as it can be with poor staff). Rather, seek a promotional marketing agency that cultivates its staff, ensuring that those smiley, confident folks are a true symbol of the brand they’re representing.

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