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How to Deliver a True Brand Experience

When it comes to delivering a true brand experience, there are several things that you need to pull off an exciting, engaging and ultimately successful event; a space, staff, entertainment and information.  All of these elements must complement the brand and be consistent with one another. The staff you choose should blend seamlessly with the space and atmosphere you have created; this can be achieved through their appearance, skills and attitude.


Elements of a Brand Experience

Each element you add to your promotional event should be representative of your company or product image. By integrating the space, staff and promotional tools, you can show people clearly who your brand is and what it means.


Space- this depends entirely on the nature of the event and could come in the form of a themed stand, carefully Breeze - bad granpaconstructed scenery, an exhibition stand, or, in the case of PR stunts which are performed in public, the “space” may be achieved in the form of costumes and props. In the case of our Bad Grandpa guerrilla marketing stunt, we sourced two character actors to play the grandpas and two young ladies to play naughty school girls. The actors rode around elected locations on mobility scooters, causing general mischief and attempting skate ramp stunts.


Staff- carefully selected staff are essential to bringing atmosphere and interaction to a promotional event. In order to create a connection between the brand ambassadors and target audience, it is a good idea to match the customer profile to the staff brief, so that both parties can relate to one another. We were given a specific staff brief for our Supermalt promotional stall at Brixton Splash: Supermalt is a non alcoholic malt brew and is particularly popular with Afro-Caribbean communities, so in order to engage effectively with the target market we sourced Afro-Caribbean brand ambassadors.


Entertainment – in some cases, entertainment is provided in order to create a memorable experience for the audience. This depends entirely on the nature of the event, but throughout our years in the promotional agencies industry we have supplied models, actors, dancers and even magicians. One of our biggest projects was supplying 108 trained dancers to perform at a PR stunt to promote Chengdu Conservation’s Panda Awareness week. We made sure our dancing pandas were well rehearsed before they performed Thai Chi in Trafalgar square. If you wish to put on a performance as part of your promotion, make sure it is relevant to the brand.


Breeze - payasugymInformation – one of the most important jobs that promotional staff can do is spread the word about the brand or products. This means that they have to be knowledgeable about the brand in order communicate & engage with consumers. It is important that the consumer is given something to remember the brand and refer back to it by; such as a free sample or promotional literature. Our PayAsUGym promotional campaign involved 16 sporty promo girls handing out promotional leaflets to London commuters and relaying information about the company. We made sure they were fully briefed, had braided uniforms and were given a plentiful supply of leaflets.


Promotional staff are essential to the brand experience because they can be used to engage, inspire and inform the audience. In order to make sure they are in keeping with the brand, we follow a brief that is supplied by the client to find good representatives. In cases such as Supermalt, this can be achieved through profiling staff based on physical attributes, and in other cases this can be achieved through personality and interests, in the way that the athletic ambassadors fitted the PayAsUGym brand.