How to Humanise Your Brand (Part Four)

How to Humanise Your Brand (Part Four)

Lately we’ve been looking at the various ways to humanise your brand – after all, what’s more important than being relatable to your customers? As such, today we’re going to be looking at the way your company communicates with its customers. Whether it’s on social media or in person, how we communicate is utterly vital in humanising your brand. We’ve already spoke about not talking like a corporate robot in our previous blog. Today, we’re going to look at…


Conversing with Customers

We all have one of those friends who only ever wants to talk about themselves, what they’re up to, why their kids are doing better than yours, and how big their partner’s pay-rise was. And how often do you spend with that friend? As little time as possible, right?


It’s precisely the same for companies. It doesn’t matter if you’re a solicitor in Surbiton or a retail giant in Reading, one thing’s for sure: if you spend your time talking at someone, eventually they switch off and stop listening. Plenty of companies were guilty of that when Twitter came along. They treated to social network like the classified ads at the back paper. See what we sell. Discover what you can buy. Hard sell, hard sell, hard sell. There’s a massive danger is doing this, of course. Your company ends up looking like an uncaring narcissist.


The very best companies get this. They don’t just pimp their wares, they create conversations with their customers. Check out Coca-Cola’s Coke Zone Twitter feed – they very rarely mention their latest beverage for sale. Instead, they talk about what they’re up to, they react to the news in humorous ways, and they respond to their followers. Absolute Radio is equally chatty, which creates a bond of loyalty. These are brands we’d share a pint with, or go shopping with; in short, they’re humanised.

It’s not just limited to social media either. Creating a dialogue, rather than a monotonous monologue, is important in real life too. Let’s say you’re at an exhibition, or holding some form of event marketing – conversing with those interested in your brand, and not just lecturing them on the merits of your products, will give your brand a far better reputation. Customers will like you. They’ll respect you. And that leads to sales.


One of the best ways to engender this consumer goodwill at such events is by making use of enthusiastic, knowledgeable promo staff to represent your brand. We can help with that. After all, it’s not just what we do, it’s what we’re passionate about. For more information about how we can heklp humanise your brand, simply contact us on 02380 015 000 and our team will be happy to help.