How to Humanise Your Brand (Part One)

How to Humanise Your Brand (Part One)

Regular readers of this blog will remember a post from late last year, in which we highlighted the importance of promo staff and why people – potential customers, in fact – don’t talk to brands. That basically translates as companies who talk at their customers, be it online or at trade shows, rather than, y’know, genuinely engaging with them. You can tell who these companies are – they’re the ones who collect followers on Twitter and then spend their time advertising their products. Hard-sell, hard-sell, hard-sell. More successful companies, on the other hand, converse with their clients and customers and they come across less as brands and more as, well, humans.

So how do you humanise your brand? Well, let’s take a look at the key facets you’ll want to embrace, starting with…

Know Who You Are

It’s no good pretending to be something you’re really not. Knowing who your company is, what is stands for, is crucial to humanising your brand. Let people see behind the people behind the veil.

Consider Virgin Trains – it might sound strange to humanise a train, but their marketing works well. They’re fun, cheerful, humorous; even their toilet sign is at it, reading: ‘Please don’t flush nappies, sanitary towels, paper towels, gum, old phones, unpaid bills, junk mail, your ex’s sweater, hopes, dreams or goldfish down the toilet’. In fact, if the Virgin train was person-sized, you’d probably be happy going out for a coffee with them. Although they’d be useless at being a train.


Don’t copy them – you might be a very serious company with rich heritage – but ultimately, get a personality. Understanding who you’re aiming to target as clients and customers is absolutely crucial in this regard. If you’re attempting to entice an older generation, you’re unlikely to start SPKIN N TXT TLK LOLZ. And younger customers will only be put off if your personality is as stuffy as a cobwebbed closet. You know who else adapts their tone of voice depending on the company they’re with? All of us. And that’s the whole point of humanising a brand, right?


Of course, none of this can come across as forced. Customers are pretty savvy when it comes to phoney personalities of brands. It takes time to cultivate it, finding your own voice, and getting your message out there. That’s where we can help. We’re experts at getting your message across to the right people with our awesome exhibition and promo staff, who will help make your brand so much more relatable. To get the scoop on what we do and how we can help you, just contact us on 02380 015 000 and our pro team will be delighted to help.