How to Humanise Your Brand (Part Two)

How to Humanise Your Brand (Part Two)

Previously on our blog, we’ve been looking at ways to humanise your brand. Because we’re not living in some corporatist dystopia, right? So faceless companies aren’t going to make much cut-through when it comes to marketing – folks don’t want to be another number, processed by a machine, and spat out at the other end as a ‘satisfied customer’. Who wants customers to simply be ‘satisfied’ anyway?

This time we’re going to look at a biggie when it comes to ensuring your company’s a little more, y’know, human. In fact, when the going’s good, this advice will probably might seem irrelevant. But the moment you’re facing a PR disaster, it’ll save your life. Ok, it won’t actually save your life (It’s not Superman or insulin), but it’ll definitely-definitely help you survive a public relations nightmare.


Tell It Like It Is

You know what humans do? We make mistakes. Sometimes they’re little ones – like telling your friend precisely what you think of their new, neon-glitter shoes. Sometimes they’re major ones – like infuriating the Twittersphere, and by extension your customers, with an ill-timed tweet. And as a tempest of online rage swirls around you, you have three options open to you.


What do you think of politicians who parrot the same line in every interview? You know the sort of thing. Some MP has been found with their hand in the kitty, and all their mates circle the wagons. ‘It’s the system at fault.’ ‘We need to look at the situation in its totality.’ ‘They followed the rules.’ ‘But everyone does it.’ Yawn! Toeing the party line – or company line, or any line for that matter – is guaranteed to make you look like an emotionless robot. But, hey, that’s your first option. Deny-deny-deny.

The second option is to offer a really, like, sulky teenager apology which, like, isn’t even really an apology anyway ‘cause we think it’s, like, your fault really. And anyway, we had our fingers crossed the whole time so it doesn’t really count.


And finally, the human response. Hold your hands up. Say sorry. Be contrite. Be honest. If it’s appropriate, make a gag about your error. And act swiftly, because an online minute is like a decade in the real world. Your company will come across as a whole lot more human by simply telling it like it is.


Of course, another major way to humanise your brand in the real world is by making full use of enthusiastic promo staff – putting a genuine face to your company. And that’s where we can help. For more information about how we can help you, simply contact us on 02380 015 000 and our team will be happy to assist with your enquiries.