How to Make Your Marketing Campaign Viral

How to Make Your Marketing Campaign Viral

If there is one goal of marketing, it is to create a campaign that goes viral and reaches people from all walks of life. However, the secret formula for making this happen has always been somewhat of a mystery. Sometimes the laurels of viral hit without the creators even intending to do so. Others make it their business to make that viral dream a reality.

So, what is the secret to making your marketing campaign go viral?


Brilliance – most of the time – will not just wander in off the street. It takes a lot of failed ideas, a lot of stop-starting and often is the fruit of a long planning process. Accidentally become viral does happen, but you can’t rely on that if you’re actively seeking a viral marketing campaign.

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Remember that it shouldn’t just be about the gimmick. Your message needs to be clear, carefully thought out and not lost in all of the noise that a viral campaign often generates. If your campaign does go viral then the point of your campaign will be shared with millions of people: a true success!

Visual Sells

The more visual your marketing campaigning, the more likely it is to become a viral hit. Not that you should omit words altogether, but a video or an infographic is far more likely to go viral than a chunk of text. After all, which would you click: a cute cat video or a description of a cute cat?


You need to ensure that the branding of your company is not lost in this visual marketing. Branding needs to be at the heart of all of your marketing, visual or not, and so finding a way to incorporate it is important. This is not to say that you need to have a video that is decked out in nothing but the colours of your brand.

As long as your brand ideals are portrayed in the video then it is in a good position to go viral. Never, ever, compromise your company brand in marketing. Doing so could revert all of the hard work you put into the campaign in the first place.

Know Your Audience

Do your audience well up at the sight of small animals? Or are they more likely to react to a shocking factoid? Knowing this will help you decide the content of your marketing campaign, but you must almost consider what your audience wants from your brand. Do you offer a service they will find useful? Or are you offering something more along the lines of entertainment?

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Being able to identify these triggers in your audience is a major part of achieving a viral campaign. Audiences for different brands can differ so vastly, the campaign for an insurance company will never work in the same way for a pet food brand, for example. Success is realising these differences and employing them effectively.

Simple Wins

Sometimes a cat is just a cat. Simplicity is the bread and butter of any marketing campaign, but especially a viral one. The easier something is to pass on – through a share on social media such as Facebook and Twitter more likely – the better prepped to become viral it is.

For this reason, you should also stick to a simple message. Overcomplicating things makes your audience less likely to pay attention. So, keep it short, catchy and attention grabbing for a better chance at a viral campaign.

Overall, remember that you shouldn’t be trying too hard to force it. Something will either go viral or it won’t. In the meantime, you can send out campaign material that will help improve the relationship you have with your existing audience.

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