How to Market for 2017

How to Market for 2017

The New Year heralds an onslaught of resolutions and promises to do something different. However, many people find these promises hard to keep and in some cases wholly unachievable. If you set targets in business you may find that these are much more achievable as they ultimately affect your bottom line. Especially your marketing campaigns.

So, how should you prepare your marketing campaigns for 2017?

Invest in Social Media

The world of social media is an ever-changing landscape. Increasingly, the platforms are changing the way that marketing is perceived and reached by the millions of people that access the platforms on an hourly basis. As such, you will need to adjust your budget to match this evolving social world.

Facebook in particular has made paid advertising much more needed as organic reach has decreased. It’s not a new technique by any means, but it is becoming much more widespread and more companies are using it as an integral part of their marketing campaign. Billions is being inserted into social and this is only a number that is expected to rise as companies become more engaged in the online media world.

If there is one thing you should be investing in during 2017, it should be social media.

Create Niche Content

Content is king, but the customer is a divine power that can determine the success or failure of your content monarchy at the flick of a thumb. Every scroll past your content is a crack in the foundations of your kingdom.

One way to prevent this spiral into obscurity is to create niche content that appeals to someone’s interests that a mass market content campaign may not. It is almost impossible to compete in the content world unless you produce niche ideas, as the broader market is awash with blogs and other media daily. Creating niche content should give you an edge in the ocean of content marketing.

Interactive Marketing

People hate reading on the internet. YouTube, Facebook videos and the like are the preferred methods of gaining information or entertainment in the ever more interactive world. A trend that will only continue as Virtual Reality becomes available to widespread consumers.

Creating more videos, infographics and other such media is the best way in order to achieve this more interactive 2017 for your marketing campaign.

Create Cohesive Marketing

Overall, you should strive to make your marketing campaign as cohesive as possible. The more interconnectivity you have across your brand, the more likely you are to succeed and create a media platform that will make 2017 your best year yet.

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