How to Market your Sample Effectively

How to Market your Sample Effectively

Effectively marketing your product samples is just as important as marketing the products themselves. Your brand ambassadors and promotional staff work extremely hard to shape and influence consumers’ perception of your brand and try and grab their attention to encourage them to buy into the products you have available.

In today’s society, consumers are investing in more brands than ever before, so being able to reassure that your company and product is one that they can trust and benefit from is even more important.

With sampling, you give your target consumers the opportunity to try your service and products and hopefully they will decide to come back to you for more custom. Everyone loves a freebie and that’s why sampling is an excellent addition to any marketing strategy.

How to Get It Right

So how can you effectively use product sampling to your advantage? As leading providers of promotional girls who are available to help you promote your business or event, we know a thing or two about getting sampling right. Stick with us as we discuss the basics that every brand should know about sampling.

Campaign at the Right Time

It’s no use campaigning to your demographic of university students if the term time is over. Make sure you are marketing to your target audience at a time where they are able to engage and listen to what you have to say. This will avoid missed opportunities to get your brand and products out there, which will lead to a loss in sales conversion.

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Think About the Experience

You want your consumers to have the best possible experience when it comes to dealing with your brand. Making your engagement with each and every person that your brand comes into contact with a positive one will, in turn, make them have a positive impression of your company.

An interaction should be engaging, memorable and relevant to your brand or product, this ensures that you stick in the front of your consumers mind; you won’t be forgotten in a hurry if they thoroughly enjoyed interacting with you and your product.


Where is the Right Environment?

Promoting your product in a relevant, engaging environment is extremely important. You want to have your sampling campaign where you will benefit from both the right demographic as well as the footfall that the environment provides.

Again, if you are aiming your campaign at university students, why not look at university fairs or ask if you can promote your brand on campus? This is targeting your demographic, as well as taking advantage of the footfall that fairs and the campus generate on a daily basis.

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Think About Staffing

You will want to use staff that are genuinely interested, enthusiastic and engaged with your brand to be able to interact with your consumers. They are the face of your brand and you want to make sure that they are going to be able to effectively interact with and interest the consumers that they come into contact with.

Measure and Learn

The great thing about marketing is that you learn from your mistakes, but only by measuring your success and pinpoint where you went right and wrong. Measuring your sampling campaign can lead to the huge growth of your company, especially if you take on board what was successful and what wasn’t within your campaign.

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We hope that we’ve inspired you to delve into the amazing world of sample marketing. It is such an interesting and engaging method of getting people excited about your business and what you have to offer, as well as getting feedback from your product samples and those all important customer connections.

At Breeze People, we are specialists in finding the right promotional staff for your brand. We have a large database of staff that are enthusiastic and approachable, so we will always have someone suitable for your campaign. Sounds, good, right? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information on our services. You can call us on 02380 015 000 today and have a chat with one of our fantastic team members.