How to Persuade People

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How to Persuade People

Here at Breeze People, we understand the importance of the role that promotional staff play during any promotional campaign, especially if they need to convince people to try a product or listen to a new deal. Talking to strangers is an art, and can be daunting if you’re not sure how to go about it.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to persuade someone to see your point of view? We have, and we choose our staff based on their professional yet friendly attitudes, and also for their abilities to persuade clients by demonstrating confidence, by appealing to social needs and, above all, by being honest with them.


How many times have you heard that confidence is key? It’s been said often and by many, and for a very good reason. Confidence is never more important than when you’re trying to convince people to do something, be it a simple request to talk or something bigger, like making a sale. Studies have even shown that people prefer confidence to expertise, because they naturally associate the first with the latter. By knowing your product inside-out you come across as someone who knows what they’re doing and saying.

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Social needs

Creating a need is not always enough, though it’s a common tactic in marketing. For example, advertisements often suggest that if people purchase a determined product they will be happier or more respected for it, but oftentimes people need a little more than that. By appealing to a specific social need, like the desire to be popular, people are encouraged to buy products that others have purchased, so they can be like them – or even respected because of it.


While it’s tempting to only mention the strengths of your product, that can actually have the opposite effect you desire. People are smart. They understand when a product is not as good or strong as you’re telling them it is, and they don’t like it. Instead of resisting mentioning a weakness, if you are honest and bring up the other side of the argument, you’ll not only be held in a higher esteem, but you’ll also find it easier for people to believe you – and to believe in the service or product you’re selling.


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