How to Promote Yourself

Male Promotional Staff

How to Promote Yourself

Today is National Men’s Grooming Day – so it seems like an opportune time to discuss the importance of, well, looking great. After all, whether you’re a man or a woman, when you’re taking to the streets, you’re not just promoting a company and their products, you’re also promoting yourself – so looking your best is absolutely vital.


Representing the Self

So you’re working with a promo staff team who all look super-awesome. They’re wearing their uniforms with pride, caps sitting straight on their heads. The guys are neatly shaven; the girls don’t have a hair out of place. And then there’s you, the bib you’re wearing is stained, the jacket falling off your shoulders. What are members of the public going to think? Do you look approachable? These are the sorts of questions you need to ask yourself: if you wouldn’t take a free trial can of Pepsi from yourself, why would Joe Public?


And leads nicely to…

Representing the Company

Looking good doesn’t necessarily mean looking smart, it means embodying what that company stands for. You are, after all, representing not only yourself on the streets, but the company too. There’s no need to rock up in a Savile Row suit, if you’re promoting an uber-hip tattoo parlour. So tailor your look to the company and make your promotional day a serious success. Imagine if the boss of, say, Channel 4 or Coca-Cola wanders down to see you and your mad promotional skills – what is the boss going to expect to see? Well, that’s how you should look.


But that’s not all, you’re also…

Representing the Promo Company

Yep, you might not even consider it at the time – you’re so focused on looking great and selling swell – but when you’re on the street, promo-ing away, you’re also the face of the promotional company that’s employed you. So make that face sweet and bright and awesome!



  • Well-groomed, from your hair to your nails
  • Clothing tailored to the company
  • Always wear a smile
  • Be approachable
  • Don’t over-do the perfume; but don’t under-do it either
  • Remember who you’re representing – then represent them


So now you’re looking gorgeous and raring to go! And you know what that means – not only will you help build a successful promo campaign, but you’ll also have even more confidence when promoting a company, your employer and yourself!


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