Improving Staff Performance: Motivational Tips

Improving Staff Performance: Motivational Tips

It’s no secret that people work better when they are motivated. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to keep your staff happy and working hard whilst at work.

Whether they are part time staff, full time staff or hired promotional staff, it is important that you give them encouragement to keep them working at a high quality level.

We have put together a quick guide detailing the things that you could be doing to keep your staff motivated.


1. Lead by example

If you want to keep your staff happy then you shouldn’t be asking them to do anything that you wouldn’t do yourself.

If you want your staff to work late every other day, then you should also be staying back and working later with them. Your staff will be more willing to do things if they are motivated by the fact that you are also carrying out some of the work.

If you show that you are excited about achieving certain goals, then your staff will feel more inclined to be excited too.

2. Encourage team building

Some people might think that team building exercises are stupid and a waste of time, but we think that they go a long way towards motivating your staff.

If your staff are encouraged to form close friendships (or just close working relationships) with each other, they are more likely to enjoy coming to work and working at their fullest potential.

It doesn’t have to be anything extensive, as even an hour or two of bowling can help bring people together.

3. Offer weekly rewards

Everyone likes getting monthly bonuses or taking part in incentive schemes. However, sometimes these are not enough to keep staff motivated every week.

You should introduce small prizes that your staff can win as soon as they reach certain daily targets. This way, they are motivated to work hard every day and they feel like they’re aiming for something they can have straight away.

These rewards don’t have to be expensive either; you could offer them an extra day off, or even the opportunity to leave work early.

4. Give regular feedback

It’s a fact that people are motivated by being told that they’re doing a good job. Therefore, it is important that you are giving your staff regular feedback.

It’s important that you communicate with them frequently, and actually speak with them face-to-face so they know they’re valued.

5. Have fun

Work is hard work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t encourage your staff to have fun at the same time.

As long as all the jobs are getting done, and everyone is remaining professional, then we see no problem in allowing your staff to enjoy themselves at work.

As a company that deals with promo staff, we are all about fun! It is something that motivates our staff to give their best performances for the people who hire them for events.


We hope that you’re now confident enough to give your staff some extra encouragement whilst in the workplace. We know we’re certainly big fans of keeping our own staff happy, and we hope that comes across when you hire them for your events. Rest assured, you’ll find their enthusiasm infectious!

If you need promotional staff for any upcoming events that you may be running then we can help you out. Here at Breeze People, we have a large database of promo staff, so we are guaranteed to have what you are looking for. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 02380 015 000 and a member of our staff will be happy to help.