Live event staff

Live event staff

Through our experience here at Breeze People, it is safe to say the use of promotional staffing at events is becoming increasingly popular and it is common nowadays to come across promo staff at large events involving mass attendance. Trade shows, shopping centres and sporting events are only a short list of the places you can expect to come across promotional teams like those we provide. Many companies have embraced using events personnel as a profit generating strategy, while the rest are still playing catch up!

Nevertheless, the question remains: why are some companies still behind when there is clear evidence that other companies are prospering through building relationships with promotional agencies? Maybe it is unawareness or it could be lack of motivation to try something new? Well, whatever the reasons, we at Breeze People care enough to outline and explain some reasons why you should consider using promotional staff at events.

Experienced representation:  Of course, every business owner wants the best for their company at all times and this makes hiring people who are aware of what is required of them very appealing. Many promo teams are experienced in the promotional field and therefore only minimal, if any supervision is needed at events. It’s natural you might be unsure about getting the right promotional staff, which is where our staff profiling kicks in. We profile staff who are in sync with your brand, and have experience in the market sector.  That way you can be rest-assured your brand is in safe hands.

Brand personality: Hiring promotional staff as event representatives enhances the character and individuality of your brand. Promotional staff typically draw attention to your brand and this is important especially in such a competitive market, where being unique is key. If the promo team is effective and demonstrate real passion in their work, you will increase your brand awareness and find it easier to communicate with your consumers.

Stand out in crowds: Promotional staffing is all about being noticed, especially at large scale events. Those with firsthand experience of promo staff at events will have undoubtedly observed this characteristic. Promo teams are there to give your brand that impact and vibrancy that engages consumers and increases brand recognition in future for those attending the event.

There are many other reasons that could help you indentify the benefits of hiring promotional staff. Companies like ourselves, will be able to help you get the most out of events through the premium promotional teams that we provide. We are a professional promotional agency capable of providing different sized promotional teams for a wide range of events. For more information regarding our services, feel free to give us a call on 02380 015 000.