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Marketing Your Business on a Minimal Budget

When it comes to helping your business stand out, our exhibition staff are the absolute perfect addition to any promotional event. However, when it comes to marketing your business on a day to day basis, or even throughout your start up, sometimes you need to consider thrifty means of publicising your business so as not to break the bank.

It’s not always as simple as blowing a load of money on getting your company noticed; TV advertisement campaigns aren’t always possible, nor necessary if you’re running a relatively small operation! There are a number of free ways that you can make people familiar with your business that don’t involve super-complex business jargon.

Write a Press Release

This is a sure fire way of getting your name ‘out there’. You can send out a press release detailing what your business does, your ethos and your objectives. These then have the potential to reach a large number of relevant papers and magazines as well as websites.

Use Social Media

We sound like a broken record every time we mention social media – such as Facebook and twitter - and how you should strive to harness its incredible omnipotent ability to reach a ludicrously large number of people for free, but well... it has an incredible omnipotent ability to reach a ludicrously large number of people for free, so why wouldn’t you use it? Promote your products, develop a personality, but either way, get on it!

Start up a Website

Much like social media, having a website is an excellent way to reach out to customers. You can also create an online marketplace from which people can purchase your products or services. Equally, many websites - such as our lovely and friendly ‘un –opt to keep an up-to-date blog which allows you to not only advertise your products, but help them or inform them of any issues or news relating to  your industry.


The beauty of putting yourself out there is that you open up greater channels of communication with your customers. In doing so, promote them to pass on their experience with your company and discover ways that you can improve. Don’t just settle with that though, implement the changes! Make your business work for the people it’s meant to be servicing!

If you implement the basics of free marketing, you should begin to reap the rewards; everything from improved profits to return customer will begin to be a reality if you implement your marketing strategies efficiently and correctly.

Once you begin to open up communications with the public and begin to get your company name out there, there may come a time in your business’ life when you wish to experience the benefits of street promotion or even enter into an exhibition. Our specially trained approachable professionals are the ultimate in face-to-face interaction and can improve customer relations even further through giving your company a face.
So if you would like to discuss our services and find out how we can help you and your company through our friendly exhibition staff, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 02380 015 000 where we will be eagerly awaiting your call.