Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Promotional Staff

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Promotional Staff

Hiring friendly, energetic event staff is incredibly important for the success of your marketing campaign – well, who’d find boring, miserable people engaging!? Interaction and consumer interaction is essential to the success of an event, so hiring the best promotional staff in the business is paramount to you and your brand – you should never just think ‘Oh, they’ll do’.

To help you to make this all-important decision and choose the best staff for your event we’ve made a list consisting of all the mistakes that you should avoid when hiring promotional staff!

No Interviewing!

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when hiring staff is not having an interview or meet and greet with potential staff. You wouldn’t hire a permanent employee without finding out a little more about them first – the same logic should be applied here. Get to know your promotional staff – different personalities will work better for different events, so this step really shouldn’t be avoided.

Not Considering YOUR Brand

Promoting your brand consists of many different visual and creative applications; having said this though, it’s important that your brand has a universal, cohesive look. Remember, your promotional staff will be the face of your business for this event and they need to reflect your brand positively!

So, do you need to look crisp and professional or do you require a more casual approach? These are the questions that you need to consider – we wouldn’t recommend a law firm heading to a convention with promo staff dressed in tiger costumes, just as though you wouldn’t want a new cake business to be promoted by people dressed formally!

This is YOUR brand; make sure that it’s reflected appropriately.

Making a Decision by Yourself

It’s a fact, 2 heads are better than one. By working together, you can be certain that you’ve chosen the right people to be the face of your brand. If you make the decision alone, you can focus too much on your preferences rather than thinking about the business as a whole! Consult your team to make sure that the different personalities that you choose will work well together – when dealing with people you ALWAYS need to remember the human element as, well, you’re dealing with humans!

Not Disclosing All of the Info

If you advertise for staff without an apt description, how will you  know the staff applying are right for the job? You need to make people really want to work with you; passionate events staff will certainly sell better than those who are just in it for the money! The more you sell yourself and tell potential applicants about the job, the more likely you will be to make the right decision.

Focussing Wholly on Looks

This is certainly THE MOST COMMON mistake made. Yes, looks are helpful, but the personality is much more important. Remember, the point of your event will be to interact and network with potential clients and build new relationships. Go for professionalism and personality rather than just style and attractiveness.

You can avoid all these mistakes by simply using our services! Here at Breeze People we specialise in providing exceptional promo girls and events staff; we take to time to meet our staff, ensuring that we know which of our staff will be the best for your event! We know exactly what it takes to build an exceptional promo team who will sell your brand beautifully, whatever the event.

If you’d like more information about what we do please get in contact – we’re always happy to help!