On Brief, On Brand: How we Pick the Perfect Staff

Cath Kidston Promo Girls

On Brief, On Brand: How we Pick the Perfect Staff

Here at Breeze People we’re really proud of our portfolio of work: we’ve successfully staffed events, shows and stunts for a variety of high profile clients. Through our years of experience, we’ve built up an understanding that the most successful events have promotional staff who naturally blend in with the brand. When we’re approached by a client, we carefully scour our database for candidates who seem born to represent that company due to their skills, personality, interests and even appearance. Here’s how we select the very best for the job:


Regional Casting Days

We hold regular casting days throughout the UK so that we can meet potential staff face to face. The casting days are an informal way to get to know you, so we can see for ourselves how you will fit with our client’s brands. We look for people who are bursting with personality, brimming with enthusiasm and have confident communication skills. We look for more than a pretty face; although having one doesn’t hurt. If you would like to know more about our regional casting days then contact us or register your interest at our staff lounge.


Capping the Books
We pride ourselves on finding the perfect match for our clients and this means being highly selective: only one in three people who applied were accepted to our pool of staff. The books are capped so that we can monitor who we have on our database, and we can look for people with certain traits and skills when they are needed. This means that, when a client approaches us with a brief, we can carefully select people who fit the image of the brand and see who has a personality that matches the brand’s values.


Rewarding Our Staff

Our staff are extremely important to us, and we recognise the importance of rewarding them with incentives. We know that rewards are important to keep staff motivated and make them feel appreciated. As well as excellent rates of pay, we therefore offer bonuses to those who give top notch performances or exceed sales targets.


Training and Briefing

When you are selected for a project you will be given a detailed briefing over the phone. We also upload all finer details of the event to our staff database, so you can see exactly what you’ll be doing. We make sure that all our brand ambassadors have the right equipment, clothing and promotional materials. For example, at our Cath Kidston winter promotions we had promo girls giving out hot drinks; we made sure they were equipped with warm clothing and hand trays to carry the drinks.


Giving Feedback to Clients

At some events we ask staff to give feedback about how the event went, as some clients find this very useful. The staff that performed the promotional field work know best what methods worked well, and what could be changed in future. By providing feedback, we ensure the work our staff are carrying out is effective, and that our client’s campaigns are successful.


When we recruit staff, we make a record of their personalities, as well as skills and appearance, so that we can match personal traits to the feel of a brand. By combining all these processes, Breeze People ensure that the perfect promotional staff are matched to the right clients and types of event.