We were briefed to cast professional Actors with strong improvisational skills to take part in a live experience, to showcase Alien Colonial Marines to the European press.

How we did it

We used our contacts within the industry to send out specific character breakdowns, which enabled us to draw up a shortlist of suitable Actors. We had to find strong, athletic Actors who could sustain a convincing American accent to play the part of 'Marine Rescue Operatives'. In addition to this we needed an actress to play the role of a 'cocooned victim' and be strapped to a wall for a long period of time. We were also asked to find an Actor to play the part of an 'acid burns victim'. No mean feat, so endurance was key when casting these parts. All our Actors were cast face to face, and attended a rehearsal prior to the event to ensure the live experience was as polished as possible.

The Results

  • European press coverage
  • Successful implementation of an experiential live experince

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