We were tasked with staffing a guerilla marketing activity to promote the film Bad Grandpa. Our client requested 1 event manger and 2 actors to take on the role of the 'Bad Grandpa's. They would be supported by 2 promotional models in each of the 5 cities they visited.

How we did it

We sourced staff with a great sense of humour, and in particular our 'Bad Grandpas' had to be up for the challenge! They were kitted out with 3 pimped up mobility scooters (fully branded) which they took around local universities / skate parks and caused quite a stir!

In each city we also supplied 2 promotional models dressed in school uniform, who were able to flyer in the locations and add to the tone of the event!

Our EM got great video footage including mobility scooters attempting to jump skate ramps, and some eye catching stunts to the university campus's they visited! By the very nature of the film we wanted our staff to be bad, so bad they're good!

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