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Promo Girl Power

Here at Breeze People, we provide all different kinds of promotional staff; from costumed characters to magicians, from data acquisition specialists to product samplers. Our promo girls, however, are perennially popular – and it’s easy to see why.

Promo girls are used for a wide range of different brands, and for different reasons. For example, if you’re launching a brand targeted at a female audience, promo girls can give the brand a relatable face and an aspirational model, showing the consumer the kind of woman who would use the product. For products aimed at male audiences, they provide an attractive and engaging face for the product, and an added incentive to interact with the campaign.

The aspirational aspect is particularly relevant with beauty products and the like – and this is one of the areas where we will often need to profile our staff by their appearance. If a client comes to us for staff to promote a product for use on blonde hair, for example, blonde girls would naturally be a far better fit for their campaign than brunettes or models with shaven heads. This is simple psychology; customers are more likely to purchase a product if they believe that the person promoting it uses it themselves, so we often need to be able to provide staff whose appearance matches the target demographic.

However, don’t imagine that looks are everything. In addition to the right appearance for the campaign, a promo girl needs to be multi-talented. They need to be organised and reliable, so we know that they’ll be in the right place at the right time; they need to be approachable and friendly, able to talk to the customers knowledgeably about the product. They also need to have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the role and for the product, in order to sell it properly.

In addition, many of our talented promo girls have other skills – in data acquisition, acting, sales and many other areas – which make them particularly suitable for individual campaigns.

If you’re looking for promo girls – or boys – for your next campaign, get in touch with us to talk about your requirements today on 02380 015 000.