Promo Staff for the Festival Season

Promo Staff for the Festival Season

Summer brings with it a whole host of festivals; from Glastonbury to the Leeds & Reading Festival and the Secret Garden Party, there’s something to suit any music fan. Along with them comes a high demand for promotional staff; not only are they often used by event organisers themselves, but also by brands using the festivals as marketing opportunities.

For event organisers, promo staff can serve a range of purposes; distributing information to attendees and helping them find their way around, promoting additional services available at the event and much more. This helps to make a good impression on festival goers – having plenty of staff around is a very visible sign of a well organised event, and one that helps attendees feel safe and well looked after.

For brands, summer music festivals are an excellent opportunity because they represent a large gathering of people with similar tastes. This means that if you find the right festival for your brand, you’ll have a lot of your target audience in one place, which often gives the brand a much greater return on their investment for a marketing campaign.

Festivals are a great place to use experiential marketing. Everybody is there to have a good time, and they’re likely to be very open to trying new things. With the help of a team of confident and enthusiastic brand ambassadors, they can easily be encouraged to join in activities which provide them with an enjoyable experience at the same time as promoting the brand. For example, fashion and beauty brands could offer a makeover tent, while food and drink brands can offer product samples paired with fun activities or competitions.

While music festivals tend to dominate the summer season, there are a wide range of other events going on too, which are equally appropriate for the use of promo staff. From gaming and comics conventions like the MCM Comic Con to events for children like the Lollibop Festival, wherever you find an audience you’re likely to find a demand for promo staff!

The key to success is, as always, in hiring the right people – by maintaining a restricted portfolio of high quality staff, we make sure that we can match you with the best possible staff for any event or campaign. For more information, just call us on 02380 015 000 or contact us online.