Promotional Staff are Perfect for Your Race Meeting

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Promotional Staff are Perfect for Your Race Meeting

As the winter National Hunt racing season approaches, you may be wondering how to deliver added value for your sponsors and bring extra excitement to racegoers. Promotional staff could answer both these dilemmas for you.

Promote Sponsor Loyalty

There are many racecourses up and down the country that are all vying for sponsorship deals to keep them profitable. Sponsors are required in order to provide an attractive prize fund for the six to eight races held at every meeting throughout the season. The better the prize money on offer, the better the quality of the runners that will be attracted to the meeting and the more racing fans will pay at your turnstiles to come in and watch them.

Sponsors want to see a good return on their investment and setting up trade or exhibition stands around the concourse that are manned by promotional staff is a great way of making a sponsor’s brand more memorable. Team this with a few free giveaways and you’re onto a winner.

Promotional staff can really make the difference between securing ongoing sponsorship for your race meetings or struggling without it.

Marketing Future Events

Most racecourses hold novelty events in addition to race meetings. These events help to increase footfall and raise ticket sales, enabling many courses to run profitably all year round.

Social media is a great marketing tool that can be used to promote forthcoming events and promotions. However, well-trained promotional staff members who can adapt to your brand and provide your sponsors and customers with a face-to-face experience can really help to give everyone a friendly and approachable feel that makes their day especially memorable. And visitors are far more likely to buy tickets for other events from a real person than they are to order online.

You Can’t be Everywhere

Race days are extremely busy and you simply cannot hope to be everywhere at once. Once you’ve organised staff members to supervise trainers, grooms, and stabling arrangements, and sorted out caterers and bookmakers, your priority will be to ensure that your sponsors are well looked-after.

Hiring promotional staff means that you can focus completely on entertaining your VIPs. Your promo staff will be happy to mingle with the crowds, giving out souvenirs, race cards, and other marketing material, whilst ensuring that your customers feel welcome and important.

Promoting Your Own Brand

Each racecourse has its own brand, including its own colours and logo. Promotional staff will wear your ‘uniform’ to promote your course and its events, helping to make your brand memorable.

For televised race meetings, you may also want to hire promo girls to escort the winners through to the Winners’ Enclosure. Your main sponsor will gain terrific brand exposure and promotion if your promo girls wear the sponsor’s livery while walking alongside the winning horse.

The experts at Breeze People understand the challenges of making a living in a competitive field. To find out more on how their promotional staff can help you make your racecourse truly memorable, why not contact us today?