Repositioning Your Brand Identity

Repositioning Your Brand Identity

At Breeze People we offer a wide range of services, from our promotional girls to our experiential staffing, all provided with the aim of helping to promote your company to a wider customer base. However, sometimes a company can find that their particular brand has achieved its desired results and thus it needs to move on to be able to evolve with the ever-evolving market that surrounds them. While it sounds fairly drastic, it can range from anything from slightly shifting the company’s image in order to remain relevant and adapt to changing times, to changing the essence of your company’s personality.

Why Reposition?

There are numerous reasons that a company decides to take the leap and reposition their brand. One such reason could be that they foresee that the brand won’t suit a future market, or that their current set market is decreasing or slowing. Another reason that a company may opt for the change is that the current branding is simply unsuccessful, thus it requires a shake up. Either way, such a decision cannot be taken lightly as it is bound to involve a great deal of careful planning and research, as well as persistence and leg work in order to make sure that the brand not only works in the short term, but sticks in the long term.

Target Market

It’s important to consider your current target market during repositioning as you are likely to still have the same one following repositioning, so try not to alienate them in the switch.

Clear Goals

Don’t go into repositioning willy-nilly, you need to have a clear focus on what you are setting out to achieve. It is probably the case that you want to become specifically more specialised in your repositioning rather than attempting to become more general.

Public Reaction

It’s important not to expect a stampede upon the repositioning of your brand. People will begin to notice eventually, so to shout about it may make you look a little desperate.

Don’t Confuse with Rebranding

Repositioning your company is not the same as rebranding, so don’t go overhauling your company colours, logo and image, etc – this will take a great deal more effort than tweaking your identity.


Many companies consider the idea of incorporating contemporary tactics if they feel that their brand is falling behind or is failing to keep up with a younger generation. For example, one may consider opting for a greater web presence in order to attract attention.

As you can see, there are numerous ideas you need to keep in mind when you are considering repositioning your company, it’s not a simple matter of tweaking something and hoping for the best; even the tactics that your competitors are incorporating need to be considered.

However, when you are looking at boosting your current brand, or even looking for help post-repositioning, our exhibition staff are a fantastic way of creating brand awareness. From exhibitions to pop up PR stunts, our staff are there to work for you and your brand. So if you would like to discuss our services and how our professional team of friendly exhibition staff can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us on 02380 015 000, where we will be eagerly awaiting your call.