Shiny new website

Shiny new website!

Phew! It’s here at last, despite taking a while we are pleased to welcome you to our brand new website. It’s fair to say we have come a long way in the last few years. From humble beginnings with a stronghold focused in the South coast, we now boast a database of staff nationwide.  So we felt it was time for our website to reflect the progress we have made. At the risk of blowing our own trumpets, we have established ourselves within the market with a reputation based on the high calibre of our promotional staff. From Brand Ambassadors to costumed characters, event staff to grid girls. We will continue to recruit & supply the cream of the crop!

Anyway enough trumpet blowing! We hope you like our new site! The noticeable difference from a staff perspective is you can now register to join our books by filling in our ‘staff registration’ form. Our selection process is the same, and not everyone will make the grade. But we felt an online application that captures all the relevant info would make life easier for everyone. It also saves the hassle of printing off our trusty (yet pretty dated) reg forms we used to e-mail out!

For new clients, or indeed existing ones we now have a page where you can see our work. Creatively entitled ‘See our work’! This enables clients, and staff alike to see some examples of a variety of campaigns or events we have worked on. From Panda’s performing Thai Chi in Trafalgar square, to store launches nationwide we have tried to include a wide range. You’ll also notice we have asked some of our staff to explain a bit about the work they do for us. We wanted anyone who lands on our site to get a good idea of what, for example a Brand Ambassador or VIP hostess does.

Finally we decided to write a blog, so that we could post about relevant topics and our experience having worked on both sides. So if there is anything you’d like to hear about let us know! Although I have been known to waffle on, I promise not to post complete nonsense or write a paragraph on what I had for lunch (For the record it was a BLT). Enjoy the site!