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Smile! A Quick Guide to Positive Body Language

“Smile, and the world smiles with you.”

When you send promotional staff out to represent your brand – whether they’re promoting a new store or product, pulling off a PR stunt or conducting a data capture exercise – it’s important that they present the right image.  Whilst every client has different requirements, there is one thing that is common to every campaign – a positive attitude. The fact is, positivity sells – people tend to like being around happy people, but if you look miserable, only your friends will stick around.

Positivity is not something that’s easily faked, but it can be surprisingly easily improved by simply paying attention to your body language. Adopt a positive outward attitude, and some of that positivity will flow into you. Here are five things you can do to make your body language more positive.

1. Smile – but not too much! If you force a smile and keep it plastered to your face at all times, well, that won’t look natural! Try to relax and smile naturally. If it’s not coming to you, move on to the other tips – the smile may come later.

2. Don’t cross your arms or legs. These are defensive positions which make you seem closed in. By keeping your arms to your sides you seem more open and relaxed. Holding items in front of you – such as a clipboard – can also seem like a closed-in and defensive position, so if you’re using one make sure you aren’t holding it in front of you like a shield!

3. Keep your head up.  There’s a reason why people say “Chin up” when they want somebody to cheer up; your head naturally sinks when you’re feeling low or tired. Holding your head high speaks of confidence and positivity, so keep it up!

4. Find the right pace. Many people talk too fast when they’re nervous; if that’s you, slow it down a little and you’ll sound more confident and much calmer. On the flip side, some people talk too slowly when they’re unsure of themselves, and they need to focus on picking it up a bit to sound brighter.

5. Don’t fidget. Nervous behaviours – touching your face, playing with your hair, drumming your fingers or shuffling your feet – send out the message that you aren’t confident. If you catch yourself fidgeting, take a deep breath and centre yourself; hold your hands flat at your sides or place them on a desk.

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