Social Media Day: Become an S.M. Guru

Social Media Day: Become an S.M. Guru

At Breeze People, we pride ourselves on our motivated and friendly exhibition staff. If you need a group of approachable and dedicated smiley faces to front your brand, we are the perfect company for you.

The application of social media and opting for exhibition staff is two sides of the same coin, so to celebrate Social Media Day, we thought we would take a look at the advantages of social media and how if you use your social media presence effectively, you can boost not only your online reputation, but your overall business status.

businesswoman holding touch pad with social media icon

Problem Solving

If consumers of your product have any issue or complaint, responding to their grievance as immediately as possible will not only increase the chance of that person accepting your apology, but will act as damage limitation with regards to them telling other people of your error. If nothing else, it humanises your company and shows your consumers that you care about what they think. Also, with the speed at which information can be passed around on social media, you can establish what your customers think of you or your product immediately, and can correct any issue post-haste.

Communicate Directly

Having a good social media presence allows for you to tap into what your customer’s think of your product on an e-face to e-face basis. You can interact with your consumers directly and read what they have to say, as well as see what they are saying about you with their friends. This enables you to see your target audience up close and personal, and maybe even alter your online campaigns to communicating with them in a specific tone.

Everyone’s At It!

Everyone and his dog (in some cases, quite literally) have Facebook or Twitter and are operating wings of their business through cyber space. To ignore the potential outreach that social media can provide you is to ignore a large percentage of obtainable future customers. Also, the more people that ‘follow’ you or ‘like’ your business, the more weight that can be added to the quality and legitimacy of your brand, whilst extra connections can be made through sharing and linking your company’s page with other businesses.

businesswoman holding tablet with social media icon in form lamp

Mould Your Image

Through a carefully nurtured social media campaign, you can help style your company with a particular appearance and create anything from an ultra-formal tone with serious tenor, to a relatable new-best-mate type of persona. But regardless of which one you opt for, there is still a place on social media for you. Often used, and therefore perceived, as an informal mode of communication, promoting your company on social media is not solely informal, and can quite frequently be used to share serious and official messages.

It’s Free!

Signing up to the main social media providers, like Facebook or Twitter, is absolutely free. For the tantalising price of a mere £0, you are opened up to a whole world of unknown potential customers, but not only that, those unknown potential customers have been opened up to you.

businesswoman holding touch pad, close up

By allowing yourself to master the art of social media, you have instantly made yourself more discoverable to anyone (and their aforementioned dog) and have opened up communication with an inordinate number of people. Whilst this is not without its benefits for a window cleaner in Dudley, say, it is absolutely ideal for an online-based company or a company wishing to reach a national or international customer base.

Whilst there are a whole host of advantages to becoming a social media guru, there are just some personal touches that a nurtured online presence cannot deliver. Our friendly and professional exhibition staff can help give your company a welcoming face that will not only reflect the quality of your brand, but also engage with your customers directly. If you would like to hear more about the services that we have on offer and would like to speak to one of our friendly team members, contact us on 02380 015 000, where we’ll be happy to help.