Social Media Tips To Become An Online Hit

Social Media Tips To Become An Online Hit

At Breeze People the main focus of our business is to get you noticed! Our promo staff are the ultimate complement to your brand at everything from exhibitions to outdoor promotion. We understand that giving your brand the best public persona is of paramount importance, which is why we like to offer you tips and advice through our blogs.

Whilst face-to-face business and interaction will never die, there is an increasing focus on marketing through social media. In a couple of our previous blogs we’ve outlined the reasons why you should be using social media as well as running through ways in which to boost your social media profile. Well, let’s focus on the latter; we discussed how by creating original content, hashtagging to create trend-worthy material and by chatting to your followers you can develop a strong social media presence, but what else can you do to generate interest in your brand?

Be Genuine!

When communicating with people who’ve taken the time to reach out to you, speak like a human! It’s all too easy to get into the mindset of thinking businessbusinessbusiness but you catch more followers with honey (that works better with flies). People can see through technical spiel and treat it with caution.

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Be Relevant!

It doesn’t matter how exciting or brilliant the content you are sharing is if it doesn’t have the audience. Only share posts and content that will resonate with your customers and followers, otherwise you are detracting from your original message. You want your material to resonate with your audience, so posting irrelevant information will have an adverse affect.

Be Diverse!

OK, this may seem contradictory to what we’ve just said, but bear with us… If all your posts are just about you without providing anything else for your followers to get their teeth into, you risk boring them. Not only that, being yourself and open will generate the same from your customers, allowing for you to not only keep them enticed and interested but also build a positive relationship between you and your customer.

Be Entertaining!

Whilst bearing in mind our latter two pearls of e-wisdom, a handy consumer relations tip is to provide blogs which keep your clientele coming back for more. Sometimes it’s nice to show that you aren’t about talking shop all the time and that you are willing to be more than just a company. By posting news stories with no business agenda, you will gain consumer trust as well as having them checking back to your feed to be informed.

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Be Yourself!

As with our blog which analysed ways to best market your brand, being yourself is just as important, if not more so, on social media. People can see through the bravado and chest-puffing so be true to yourself and your brand’s ethos. Also, letting your personality show through will boost the way people warm to you and your brand.

Be Helpful!

Much like our be genuine advice, be helpful! People will appreciate the time taken to reply with genuinely helpful advice rather than simply telling them to go to an FAQ page. People will remember the time taken to provide such a service, and providing a good service is the reason you got into the business-game anyway, right?

It’s always of paramount importance to remember why you started your business in the first place. You no doubt do with the day-to-day running of your business, so remember to do the same on social media. It’s a fantastic outlet to be able to engage with your clientele 24 hours a day, so make the most of it! Don’t waste your ability to create a genuinely great online persona.

Business Meeting

While it is of paramount importance to engage in a way that is true to your company ethos online, it is essential to do so in person. But you knew that already! Our promotional staff work to reflect your company’s personality and ethos at a variety of events, interacting on your behalf. So to discover how we can help your business to meet a whole new set of customers and to discuss our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 02380 015 000 where one of our friendly and approachable team members will be eagerly awaiting your call!