Standing out amongst the Festival Crowds!

Do you like to stand out from the crowd?

Let’s face it, we all like a bit of attention now & again right?! Whether you deck yourself out in the latest trends from the world of fashion, or prefer more unique threads the way we dress can express our personality! For some (including myself back in the day, sporting a hideous blond cultured mohican) they like to stand out in a crowd! Turning heads with bold colors, funky haircuts & truly individual styles. Not wanting to follow the crowd, instead choosing to take a risk & be creative. This is in essence, exactly what Brands look to achieve at Festivals. For many brands festival goers are the perfect large scale target market, and as such they need to do everything they can to stand out from the crowd. So how is this achieved?!

How do brands make their mark?

With Isle of Wight Festival opening today, it got me thinking how do brands really make their mark? For starters you’ve got 60,000 people to attempt to engage with. So thinking outside the box, and delivering a Brand experience that involves as many festival goers as possible is a good starting point. Experiential was the ‘buzz’ word 5 years ago, but now more than ever experiential activities are at the forefront of many festivals. This activity from HP Β  is a great example. The HP Photoball consisted of one huge blow up ball, a HD camera and a wifi-hub allowing the ball to stream photos and video live to both the festival stage and Facebook, so people who’ve been near the ball could find their photo and tag themselves instantly! Taking a simple idea like a giant beach ball, and turning it into an experience which involved the whole crowd is no mean feat!

The future for Brands at Festivals….

So what does the future hold for brands at Festivals? Without a doubt festival goers are more exposed than ever to all the promotions, giveaways, & activities that brands stage. It’s part of the festival experience, roaming around for an hour or so seeing what ‘freebies’ you can pick up in your wellies! With smaller festivals promoting the fact they are ‘brand free’, could this indicate a change in attitudes & perhaps some festival goers are growing tired of the same old brands churning out the same old promotions. The festival scene is growing year on year, and I see no reason why brands won’t continue to play a huge part in the whole festival scene. But with consumers more savvy than ever, and brands all jostling for pole position. It’s fair to say, it’s never been harder to simply stand out!