Standing Out At An Exhibition

Standing Out At An Exhibition

Exhibitions are an important marketing tool for both small businesses and multinational corporations. For major brands, exhibitions offer the opportunity to relate to consumers in a more engaging and effective way, and for small businesses it offers a chance to become known in their given field, and drum up more interest in their brand.

It is important for you to send the right messages when at an exhibition and make your brand stand out for the right reasons. How a brand markets itself in these exhibitions can have a significant impact on its success, and therefore it’s important to follow a series of guidelines when featuring in an exhibition.

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The Look

At an exhibition, the look is the first thing anyone will notice about your brand. You have to look professional, inviting and most of all appeal to your target market. Make sure your brand is easily identifiable from a distance, and use posters, images and any other visual aides to your advantage.

Use Giveaways Effectively

Make sure that any free merchandise you give away is relevant to your brand. It must be cost effective in order to minimise budget spending and feature the brand in the most distinctive way possible.


Be aware of your competitors

If your competitors are also featuring at the same exhibition, note what they are doing well and in what areas they could improve. You can use this information to your advantage, and provide a more refined experience for interested parties.

The Right People

The key to success for any business is to have the right people marketing your brand. Promotions staff become the face of a brand, and will engage with customers on a personal level. Having the right promotions staff is the key to success at any exhibition.

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