Standing Out from the Crowd

Standing Out from the Crowd

As our previous blogs have discussed, experiential and event marketing that makes use of promotional staff are excellent ways of reaching out to your audience, creating a level of engagement that’s difficult to achieve through other marketing techniques.

Anybody who works in the world of marketing today will be all too familiar with the terms ‘user engagement’ and ‘brand awareness’; this is especially true of digital marketing, where engagement through social media is put to effective use by big brands who can reach out to their audience, interacting with their customers directly and building trust in their brand. Promotional staff can do exactly that for your brand, but in the real world, rather than the realm of social media. Brand ambassadors and promotional staff who interact with the public provide you with real life, tangible social engagement!

In an environment where we are surrounded by advertisements and marketing, standing out from the pack and making an impact with your audience can seem like a daunting task. Read on to find out why we think experiential and event marketing is the best way to stand up and be counted.

Make a Spectacle of Yourself

Something as simple as friendly and talkative people (dressed in your brand’s colours and handing out free samples of a product to people in the street) will make your company stand out to all who see the staff, and more so with those who interact with staff directly. However, making an event of your on-street promotion will really make your brand stick in people’s mind. Doing something unique is the most effective way of making an instant impact, and will seriously raise awareness of a brand or product amongst the general public.


The photo above shows an experiential marketing event that Breeze People orchestrated in a busy shopping centre. As you can see, making a spectacle of yourself really does draw a crowd!

There’s no doubt that this form of experiential marketing has a huge impact, and statistics indicate that it is most effective amongst the millennial demographic; a major target for brands. Regarded as an impulsive age group, marketing statistics such than almost 80% of millennial respondents surveyed were more inclined to support a brand after experiencing face to face interaction.

If you want to target the generation Y demographic, then promotional staff can be an integral part of experiential marketing campaigns, serving as ambassadors for your brand. Remember that promotional staff are versatile, able to play specific roles and engage directly with your audience in a manner that suits your brand.

Take to the Streets!

However, that doesn’t mean that experiential marketing isn’t suitable for brands who want to target different demographics. Whilst these methods are extremely effective for companies that want to directly reach the younger generation, there is no reason why they cannot be effective for brands with universal appeal or a more specific demographic. Just think about where your target audience is likely to congregate in large numbers. Is there a specific event or area that people who would be interested in your product can be found? If so, then that’s where to go with your experiential marketing event!

We firmly believe that one of the greatest benefits of experiential marketing and adding that human touch to your brand is not only the levels of engagement it generates, but the quality of the engagement too. This form of marketing undeniably makes an impact; when people see staff representing your brand and interact with them directly, they establish connections with your branding that you would struggle to forge through any other methods. This is beyond social media marketing, it’s simply social marketing.

The video below shows one recent piece of experiential marketing that we think is really cool. Professional free runners dressed as characters from the game Assassin’s Creed raced through the streets and across the rooftops of Paris in a promotional stunt for the latest instalment of the game.

Whilst there isn’t any direct interaction with members of the public, aside from the few who would have been shocked seeing these guys running past their 8th storey window, this certainly qualifies as an extreme example of experiential marketing, and goes to show how a unique performance piece can resonate with an online audience. This video has an awful lot of views!

If you feel that your brand could benefit from the boost that experiential marketing techniques can generate then do not hesitate to contact Breeze People on 02380 015 000. We’d love to hear your ideas and work with your company to create a marketing experience that your audience won’t forget.