Streetwise Promotional Campaigns

Streetwise Promotional Campaigns

Many promotional campaigns make excellent use of street teams – whether it’s for brand awareness, an experiential marketing campaign or a PR stunt, taking your brand onto the street where your customers are can provide a great return on your investment. However, you need to get it right – and here are some tips on how to do so.

Right Place, Right Time

Sending promotional staff out onto the street means that they can approach and engage with potential customers – but this only works if your target audience is there at the time. By first understanding the kind of customers you want to target and looking at their typical habits and behaviours, you should be able to identify the right place and the right time for your campaign. For example, if you have a brand aimed at children, there’s no point in promoting it while they’re at school – you’d instead choose a weekend or holiday, or time your promo activity for when they leave school.

A Creative Approach

Simply handing a flyer out to somebody on the street is often not enough to turn them into a customer; you need to engage with them in a positive way to make sure that they create a good impression of you and your brand, and are interested enough to take action. By using confident, enthusiastic brand ambassadors, and taking a creative approach to your marketing, you can achieve much more. For example, when we supplied promo girls for a Cath Kidston store launch in December last year, they went out onto the streets with trays full of tempting hot chocolate drinks – something people wanted a lot more than a simple leaflet!

Keep it Relevant

Every aspect of your campaign should have relevance to your brand and your product or service; from the details and designs on your flyers and posters to the outfits or uniforms that your promotional team wear on the streets – even down to their physical appearance. For example, if you’re a sporty brand, you’ll want to be promoted by sporty people who your customers can relate to. Promotional agencies like us make this easy – we keep a database of high quality promotional staff with full details that allow us to identify the best people for your campaign by skills, qualifications, experience or physical details like hair colour.

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