Taking Brand Promotion to the Next Level

Experiential Staffing

 Taking Brand Promotion to the Next Level

In this day and age, people become overwhelmed by information delivered on digital platforms, and it is all too easy for audiences to become complacent, and even disengaged, with the amount of information that they receive. It’s so simple to switch TV channels while adverts are on, delete emails and disregard web banners, but if promotion is solid, real and engaging, then people can’t help but take notice. This is why experiential marketing is rapidly gaining popularity.


What is Experiential Marketing?

To put it simply, experiential marketing is event marketing where brands create interactive events that people can physically engage with. This gives audiences a chance to experience the brand first hand; they can sample products, view performances and visualise how the brand will fit into their life. Experiential marketing is about getting your brand out there, evoking the senses and encouraging people to actively participate in the brand experience.


How Can You Benefit From Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing is particularly effective because passing consumers are much more likely to be engaged for longer. Experiences that appeal to the senses are also more likely to stay in your memory, and when you see the brand again in adverts or products in shops you will associate it with the positive experience.


Experiential marketing means that people can see the products and try them out right there, and if full scale products are available to purchase at the stall or event they are also more likely to make a purchase conversion; therefore increasing return on investment.


Experiential marketing also increases brand awareness beyond those that witness the stunt, event or performance; if visitors have a great time they may well take pictures, upload videos or tweet about your experiential activity, and this spreads your brand name still further. You can take full advantage of technology and social media at your event by encouraging people to take Instagram pictures or add to a Tweet wall, and in this way your promotion reaches those online as well as those physically present.

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How Can You Create an Experiential Experience?
There are many different ways you can create an interactive and unforgettable experience to captivate your audience. You can book our experienced and enthusiastic promo staff to champion your brand at festivals, product launches, sports grounds, road shows, guerrilla marketing events, PR stunts, sampling activities and store launches.


In the past, we have supplied brand ambassadors for very specific briefs to represent leading brands. Last year, we were briefed to supply a team for a ten day tour of 2K Games’ new WWE game. We supplied an assistant event manager and a team of ambassadors who demonstrated the game on Xbox 360s. We used our database of staff to source an event manager who had plenty of experience, and we found Brand Ambassadors who had good technical skills and a passion for gaming. This event was really successful for raising awareness of the new WWE 2K14 game.


No matter what the nature of your experiential event is, or how specific your brief may be, we can find staff with the skills, experience and even appearance that you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for experienced dancers for a show-stopping performance or you need actors of a specific height to dress up as characters, we have the contacts and staff to supply exactly what you need. Having an event with an extra dimension of interactivity will make the promotion all the more memorable, and will positively raise your brand profile.