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Targeting your audience requires something special

‘Dig down deep and provide something really different and exciting to get the community to notice. Fight “sameness” with your every breath’

- Mark Schaefer

Uniqueness is the key to marketing your business, it doesn’t matter what it is that you sell or what services you provide; you need to make sure that the way in which you market them is perfect. As a business owner it is important to understand that the average customer is presented with literally thousands of marketing campaigns every day, and if yours is not up to scratch then it simply won’t even make it into their stream of consciousness.

The consequences for your advertising failing are fairly obvious and can be catastrophic for your business. If you are not enticing your customers to utilise your product or skill then they will either look elsewhere or go without.

Your advertisements are the first contact that you make with your customer and it is vital that it is correct. Think about how you introduce yourself to new acquaintances; you don’t slap them in the face do you? Nope, you greet them with a handshake and a smile. Good advertising is the equivalent of your business greeting your customers with a warm handshake and an inviting smile and you need to do it right.

So how do I get their attention?

Firstly, you need to establish your target market and look at how to get your product or service into their lives. At the end of the day, no matter how good your advertising is, if it’s aimed at the wrong target market than it will not be successful.

People say that there is no definite formula for getting customers into your business, but here at Breeze People we think that there are certain practices that give you the best possibility of success. One of our personal favourites is getting out there and showing people exactly what it is that you do and what you can offer them. One of the most effective and easiest ways to do this is to host an event or exhibit at an event which you know that your target market will be attending.

How do we do it at Breeze People?

Here at Breeze People we are experts in providing event staffing to those that want to really make an impact, and we don’t mind saying that we’re pretty good at it. In the past we have come up with all manner of inventive ways to make sure that our clients business is presented in the best manner possible. One of our most recent advertising campaigns was for the well-known beer brand Pilsner Urquell, a luxury beer brand from the Czech Republic.

In order to expand their customer base in the UK, the brand chose to hold an event in London in which, fresh, unpasteurized beer was served straight from the tap. In order to serve the beer event staff with experience in pouring beer were required, and Breeze People were there to help. Our staff have an incredibly varied talent pool, can adapt to meet any requirement, and are experts in creating a buzz around your business.

How did it go?

Hopefully from the pictures you can tell that the event was a roaring success and there wasn’t an empty glass in the house. Once the barrels were tapped and flowing, a good atmosphere was unavoidable. Whether the customers were trying the beer for the first time or simply enjoying their favourite beer with a little more theatricality there is no denying that the event was a success.

If you like what you have seen and want to hear more about what we can do for you then don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.