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The 5 Best Experiential Marketing Campaigns of 2014

Many brands are utilising experiential methods of targeting consumers, and therefore captivating interest, within their brand awareness strategies. Here are our top 5 experiential marketing campaigns so far from 2014...


Lurpak #FoodAdventures

In April this year, three celebrity food ambassadors aimed to inspire visitors to start their food adventure, and shared tips and techniques using Lurpak’s Cook’s Range at Britain’s busiest train station, Waterloo.

In addition to the coupons consumers received after sampling the food, they were encouraged to engage with the Lurpak brand on social media, with numerous competitions running for those who tweeted using the hashtag  #FOODADVENTURES.

Angry Birds ‘Big Easter Hunt’ at Thorpe Park

Over this year’s Easter weekend, children attending Thorpe Park could participate in finding Angry Birds characters, solving riddles and completing crosswords in order to gain the password and receive a free chocolate Easter egg.

Angry Birds themed activities were further promoted across social media platforms, with participants offered the chance to win annual passes to Thorpe Park by uploading themselves with their favourite Angry Birds character to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #BIGEASTER.

The Easter egg hunt was arranged in order to promote the world’s first Angry Birds 4D-animation experience, which is now open at Thorpe Park.

Purina One’s ‘Cat Cafe’

Cat food company Purina One opened the first cat cafe in North America this year. Located in New York, the Cat Cafe was an initiative which aimed to promote conversation among the cat-loving community about feline health and wellbeing, and (presumably) to advertise its new line of cat food.

John Lewis ‘Stories of a Shop Keeper’

Running until the 31st of August this year, department store John Lewis looks back over the past 150 years, with a unique, free exhibition that is hosted on the 3rd floor of their flagship store on Oxford street.  Walk through the cobbled streets of Victorian London, through to Second World War-Era London and beyond.

Greggs #TopSecretCoffee

Earlier this year Greggs, the high-street bakery, carried out an experiential campaign that aimed to draw attention to the quality of their new coffee blend. They went undercover and took to the streets of England, asking passersby to sample their coffee, and offer their commentary.

The participants of this campaign were encouraged to guess the brand of the coffee that they tasted using the hashtag #TopSecretCoffee on Twitter. When Greggs finally revealed who was behind the experiment, each participant was sent a voucher to receive free coffee from Greggs.
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