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The Brand Ambassador Guide

Brand Ambassadors are a vital part of marketing; enthusiastic, passionate people who put a face to the brand and help the consumer to relate to the product. If you have ever considered becoming a Brand Ambassador, read on...

What Makes a Good Brand Ambassador?

The main qualities we look for in a Brand Ambassador are confidence, passion, energy and clear communication skills – these are the absolute basics. On top of that, you should be hardworking, reliable, professional and versatile.

When you sign up, you should make sure you let us know as much as possible about you; depending on the client, a wide range of skills or previous experience could be relevant. For example, the Brand Ambassadors we supplied for Decathlon had to be sporty people with experience in data capture, both to represent the brand well and to meet the requirements of the role.

Appearance is also important – clients want to ensure that their brand ambassadors look the part and are in sync with their brand, so it’s important to provide us with good images when you apply. A recent, professional quality head shot and full body shot would be ideal; “selfies” from your phone somewhat less so!

What Does a Brand Ambassador Need?

A brand ambassador’s role could involve anything from a single show to a full European tour; whatever you’re doing you’ll have full support from us at all times, but here are a few extras that can help!

  • Equip yourself with a top-notch organiser app on your phone, such as Jorte for Android or the Sunrise Calendar for iPhone. This is especially helpful if you’re fitting in promotional work with studies or another job.
  • If you’re in London, keep the TFL Journey Planner bookmarked so you can find the best way from A to B – for other cities, find the timetables and travel information in advance and keep it bookmarked for your trip.
  • Check out sites like Voucher Cloud to save money on food, travel, accommodation and other essentials.
  • Make note of free wifi spots around where you’ll be working to keep your network data usage low.
  • Have a small bag of travel essentials – hairbrush, toothbrush, make-up and a mirror etc. – in case you need to freshen up during the day. If you’re going to be working outside in the summer, include sun screen.

If you think you have what it takes, it’s easy to register with us – however, bear in mind that we only accept an average of 1 in 6 staff applications. We keep our database of promotional staff capped, to make sure that everyone on our books is active and of the highest standard, and to make sure that we can always match you to roles that you’ll enjoy and excel at.